Friday, February 10, 2017

Boston Marathon Training {Week 8}

With almost being halfway through training, I'm surprised at how mentally fresh I feel towards training- especially given how I usually do 10 week training plans (after a solid base build). I think part of it has to do with being super busy at work. The other part has to do with not being OMG obsessed with running- it's a hobby which I enjoy, but doesn't pay the bills or make relationships better (especially if I only talk about running). Managing time and being balanced is great! (Duh)


This past Saturday we celebrated 2 years of Mikkeller Running Club Chicago! I'm so thankful for the community of folks that show up each 1st Saturday and all the friendships created. Join us for our next run on March 4 at the Northdown. Info {HERE}


This week went ok. The cold weather really impacts my ability (and or desire) to run outside. If it weren't for the raynauds (and how it makes my hands hurt so bad even at 50 deg) or when it's below 20 degrees (which makes me feel "off" the rest of the day if I run outside) I'd run outside a lot more. But, while I miss cruising the lakefront, I know that indoor training will help me with being more acclimated to warmer temps- especially if Patriot's Day is not in the 30's.

Training Plan

The highlight of the week was celebrating the second anniversary of my running club. The low point of the week was either running inside for all the other runs, or amending my speed sesh from the plan of 3x1600's to 5x1200's. I got into my head too much and felt a little off so I backed off on the interval distances, but still completed the same total distance in the plan.

Monday- easy 4 mile run, 8 mile cycle

Tuesday- 10 mile cycle

Wednesday- 8 mile speed sesh. 5x1200's at 6:40 pace

Thursday- Rest

Friday- Easy 6 mile run, 10 mile cycle

Saturday- 10 mile run, 5 mile cycle, 3 miles with MRC

Sunday-7 mile run, 9 mile cycle

Goals and Stuff

Still feeling on track for a sub 3:30. I'll feel even more confident once I can get a few more longer runs outside.


Meal planning is going well. I made Shalane's Superhero Muffins from "Run Fast, Eat Slow" this week. They were super delicious but had a lot of ingredients. I still am obsessed with the scones and their simplicity.

I also made the white bean salad from "Racing Weight" and enjoyed that for lunch.

Looking Forward

Continue with all the hill stuff I'm doing- and take it up a notch. Luckily I'll be going to a "hill running retreat" for a few days soon. But most importantly, I'll get to see family in a few weeks. I think running in a hilly place will help me get more motivated to do better with hills when I return to Chicago.

Also, rainbow pooping Unicorns!! But have no fear, I don't wear these leggings or the owl slippers out of the house. I just can't get onboard with "athlesiure" when jeans and a nice shirt and shoes look so much more put together. That's probably the customer facing side of me speaking. Thank you work. Related somewhat: I graduated last week from a Leadership Development Program at my company- it took 6 months of meetings and homework and culminated in a 30 minute presentation I had to give to upper management which was well received. #nailedit

I'm excited Training is going well and will continue to take it day by day or workout by workout and not get overwhelmed.

36 Days to go until March Madness Half

50 Days to go until Shamrock Shuffle

65 Days to go until BOSTON!



  1. Nice job on all the miles and putting all of your training in perspective. I wish running paid the bills, but alas I must work! Also are you wearing owl slippers in that picture your rainbow pooping unicorn athlesiure pants? :) Have fun at your "hill running retreat" - it will payoff when you run the hilly March Madness Half!

  2. Can't believe you are halfway through your training! I've heard many great things about the cookbook you mentioned. I am lazy and like anything with few ingredients.

  3. Congrats on graduating from the program at work! I am happy that the business there is not taking a toll on your training and making you weary of it! What happened with that speed sesh though? What are you going to do to work on your mental game with that?

    lol, my snis ordered a diaper cover that has rainbow pooping unicorns WITH a cat sitting on the unicorn! HAAHAHHAAHHAHAH

    Enjoy those hills!