Monday, July 23, 2018

Ironman Louisville Training 2018 {Weeks 5-8}

Weeks 5-8 total:
Running: 93.77 miles,  13:38 hours
Cycling: 397.27 miles, 25:02
Swimming: 0

Training Cycle total:  {start May 28}
Running : 204.55 miles , 29:27 hours
Cycling: 694.56 miles, 42:58 hours
Swimming: 0 miles, 0 hours

Yearly total: 
Running : 1204.85 miles, 171:46 hours
Cycling: 924.55 miles, 61:15 hours
Swimming: 0 miles, 0 hours


Not swimming. It’s a PITA to go to the pool during certain hours. It’s also just as much of a PITA to drag all my shit to the lake. I’m working on going swimming this week because I need to. With 12 weeks to go, I have plenty of time to get comfy in the water again, I just need to go. 

Being sick during week 8. I got a bad cold/seasonal sinus BS which started Sunday morning/Monday morning and because of that, I didn’t work out much. I ran 1x for 4 miles which felt like I was using half a lung and cycled 2x  for 93 miles. 

Feeling apathetic towards training/the race. Even when  not motivated or whatever, I still work out because, goals. Not every day is going to be super unicorn special. But to have the thoughts of “why am I doing this again” running through my head way too much is discouraging at times. Up until I got sick, I had been more excited about doing my 2nd IM. I know this will pass. 


Riding outside on July 4- it was super busy (expected) at 6am. There were loads of people bbqing at 31sr ave beach at 6:30am (not expected). It felt good to ride outside for the first time since last year- and to make sure my bike Mortadella felt ok post tuneup. 

Running with L for my birthday. 

Running with Ze Pequeno multiple times. 

Seeing Barenaked Ladies perform at the Huntington Pavillion. I had a smile on my face the entire time. Live music, especially in an outdoor venue on a gorgeous summer night is so wonderful. 

Going on a dog cruise with Real Dog Moms of Chicago. Ze had a blast!

Riding 67 miles with Kim at the Bike with Beanzie event in DeKalb. The time flew by as we chatted and cycled through the cornfields and marveled at all the Beanzie posters directing us where to go. 

Looking forward:

I need to swim as soon as I’m a little better. Right now I’d probably start coughing uncontrollably if I got in the water. I’m not too concerned about the swim, but I need to put in the work. 

Cycling: I completed 5 of the 7 stages of the Sis Tour de Oz on Zwift And plan to make up the remaining 2 next week. I’m feeling much stronger on the bike and that is super encouraging. Cycling is the main area I need to work on because I do not want to spend 8 hours on the bike again. 

Running: I had been averaging 30 miles a week up until I got sick. I need to ease back into running after taking a week off and build up my mileage and intensity  again. I’d like to take a good chunk of time off my IRONMAN marathon.  4:47 was good for my 1st, but I know there’s a lot of room for improvement there too. 

Eating: to remember that cycling 3 hours or running a bunch does not equal a free pass to stuff my face with a bunch of food. I had been steadily gaining weight up until I got sick and felt super crappy as a result. 

I’ve been cooking new to me recipes to complete my goal of 52 recipes in 2018. Most recent creation was ├śland wheat bread from Claus Meyer. A link to all of the recipes I’ve done is 

12 weeks to go, and I’m excited to put in the work to have a successful day in Louisville. 

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