Monday, August 20, 2018

Ironman Louisville Training 2018 {week 12}

Weekly training totals:

Run: 25.43  miles, 3:55:57 hours
Bike: 115.38 miles, 6:45.04 hours
Swim: 1800 yards (1.02 miles) 39:24 minutes


Getting to work in with Anne and Ze before work on a Wednesday! It was so nice to see her and catch up. Ze was super happy to make a new friend too. 


I was short on time but did a mile in just under 40 min, which was about 20-30 seconds per 100 faster than last week. My endurance is there and I feel like I could go on for a while. I worked on not lifting my arms up too much and it seemed to make a difference.   

I think I’ll start wearing my two piece bathing suit to the pool because I feel like a stuffed sausage in my one piece. I know it’s supposed to be snug, but I can’t stand it. And if Louisville isn’t wetsuit legal, I’ll wear a sports bra and tri shorts for the swim. 

Low lights:

I feel tired all the time. I wake up at 4am almost every day (4:30 when I sleep in!) I guess if I wasn’t feeling tired or a little fatigued 12 weeks into training something would be wrong.  Friday morning I felt kind of sick/off when I woke up so I ditched my run. I am surprised at how apathetic I feel towards missing workouts. If I was training for 13.1 or 26.2, I would be pissed to miss a workout. Currently I rationalize it as one hour missed won’t kill me especially if I need sleep more. There’s always a long run or ride around the corner and one workout won’t hinder my ability to finish this race. 97% of finishing an Ironman is the mental aspect to tell yourself to just keep moving. 

Another low light is time, and the lack of it. I try to make every minute count every day, but sometimes there’s just too much to fit in. This weekend we had a lot of stuff to do and I wasn’t able to get a decent longish run in. (There’s always Monday!)  But this coming week we have weekend plans too, so I need to shuffle around everything so I can slay a majority of my workouts. IM training is exhausting but worth it. 

The  boys have been good. They are able to relax in different parts of the house at the same time so that’s a huge improvement compared to when one wouldn’t let the other relax with a bone. 

I finally drank some wine and used the cool glass Kim got me for my birthday! 

Basic AF photo with my oat beverage latte from a brand new place near my work. Thank you caffeine for sponsoring this post. 

Ze had a vet visit on Saturday to get 4 vaccinations. He loves the vet and everyone he meets. I’m not used to him being so outgoing because CB is the complete opposite. 

We went to Half Acre’s Big North festival on Saturday. It was so much fun to hear live music and drink beer with friends. 

This guy showed up 2x to our balcony this weekend. I think it’s a juvenile cardinal. I wonder if it’s the child of the super derpy cardinal who lives on the street behind us who is obsessed with his reflection in car mirrors. I feel bad for him if he’s looking for a mate. 

Sunday morning my run club met up to run to Cruz Blanca and Ballast Point. We had a visitor from the Mikkeller Running Club Paris chapter join us which was awesome. I cannot say enough how much I love this run club and how it brings people together. 

Looking forward

•Amend my workouts for this week due to our weekend plans

•swim again. The lake was super choppy this weekend so I’m glad to have gone to the pool. 

•running intervals

•continue with Zwift Academy workouts. 

•cook some new recipes 


  1. Emerging from my lurker status to offer some bird insight. Your visitor is a male House Finch! They're not rare in the city, but they aren't particularly common (at least not on the House Sparrow/Pigeon/Starling/gull/Robin level of common), so that's an exciting treat! I haven't seen any House Finches since spring, and I've always got my eyes open for birds while I'm out and about. As for your cardinal, he's not looking for a mate, so no worries there (they usually start looking for mates in late February/early March) - quite the opposite, in fact. He sees his reflection and thinks it's another male encroaching on his territory, so he's trying to fight him off. Male cardinals are notorious for that kind of behavior. There's a cardinal I see somewhat regularly on my walk to the CTA in the mornings, and I'd bet at least half the time I see him he's fighting his own reflection in the exact same window. You'd think they'd figure it out eventually, but apparently not!

    1. Thank you so much on identifying my new visitor! He’s been back a few times now. (I hope he eats the bugs on my pepper plants). That’s really neat to hear they aren’t so common to see. I hear tons of birds around my place but rarely see many of them as they are in the trees.

      Totally makes sense about the cardinal.

  2. I so admire your dedication to your training and waking up that early I've been getting up at 5am to run all summer (so technically the same time with the time difference!) and it definitely gets old after a while. That said, I'm happy that all the early wake-ups mean we could meet to run before my super early work stuff! Not everyone is down with meeting friends at 5am :)

  3. OMG your comment about the derpy mate has me dying over here!

    I'm glad Ze loves the vet! How is CB doing? Recovered?!

    Did you feel apathetic last time you trained for IM? It seems like it would be impossible to be 100% in it ALL. THE. TIME. Especially with all the training you have to do, and having a social life. I am sure I mentioned this but when I "trained" (LOL) for Grandma's I had to do all my long runs Thursday ams starting hella early so I could still do all our social crap. It burns you out!!!!!!!

    I am glad you used your owl glass!!! :)