Monday, August 27, 2018

Ironman Louisville Training 2018 {week 13}

Weekly training totals:

Run: 21.76 miles, 3:10.47 hours
Bike: 70.55 miles, 3:53.44 hours
Swim: 0

Rando fireworks from a private event at soldier field.


On balance - I saw an interview recently a woman author (and mother)  who was asked “how she balances it all?”  Her response was something along the line of “until men are asked that same question, I refuse to answer.” Simply amazing. 

  “Balancing it all” is some cliche BS Buzz phrase  Going around the web now which only affects women. L has never been asked how he balances anything. But there’s plenty of books pandering to women on how to “balance” their lives (although I wonder how that looks because there wouldn’t be a “one size fits all” balance model) Spoiler alert: balance doesn’t exist. Life is more of an ebb and flow of compromise and prioritization. 

Yeah, training for 140.6 is the direct opposite of “balance.” IM training takes a lot of compromise for everyone directly impacted, as well as understanding. I don’t balance being a wife/dog mom of 2/ work 47+ hours a week. Some things absolutely suffer, I cut my losses and move on. I just prioritize and get shit done. The floor might not be swept every day, but there’s delicious food to eat for dinner that I cook each night. I love cooking. 

That’s my “secret/hack” whatever. You now owe me $19.99. At least I saved you from buying a terrible book.  

Marathon training is a piece of cake compared to this. 


Going to Columbus for Brewdog’s Annual General Mayhem!

Workout wise, feeling good on my workouts and catching up on recovery (sleep).

Low lights:

Not swimming- I miss it!

Missing my long ride and run (that is what Monday is for!)


Ran with Ze outside and ran into L which was nice. 

Running in Columbus. We took an Uber to a local park because according to google, there would be decent trails- like crushed limestone/boardwalk whatever. The Uber driver warned us about the geese being super aggressive. 

When we got there we saw this: 

Too much nature! Ha ha ha we broke (L actually) many many spider webs and we ran through mud. We weren’t prepared  for those kind of trails so we stopped around 3 miles.  

It was really pretty though. 

We took an Uber back to BrewDog (where once again the driver warned us about the aggressive geese) and enjoyed lunch and post run beer on the patio. 

Later that night we went to the AGM picnic and met James and Martin of BrewDog 

We got to take a brewery tour and also take a tour of their new hotel, doghouse. 

Beer on tap and shower beer in every room! Sign us up for our next visit!

It was a fun night. 

The next morning we ran again, but found a more user friendly trail to run on. More smiles, less spiders!

We met up with A and T for Annual General Mayhem. Live music like LovelytheBand, and beer with great people!

We took a break from AGM to try a local delicacy: Skyline Chili. 

It hit the spot hard! Look at that cheese!

We went back to AGM and enjoyed hearing Cold War Kids perform. It was amazing. 

Perfect end to a great weekend. 

We got home early Sunday, collected the dogs and relaxed at home. I harvested a bunch of peppers and threw them in the dehydrator. 

Looking forward:

Push through these next 7 weeks. OWS, long ride, long run. Only really like 5 more big weeks not including game day. 

I’m thankful L supports me with this hobby jogger/shitty triathlete stuff. I don’t feel bad about missing some workouts this past weekend because I need to keep him happy/get more sleep. I feel refreshed and ready to smash the rest of this training cycle. 

48 days to go. 🙃😢😭🤮


  1. I think we talked about this on Saturday - either you make time for stuff that's important to you (training, overpriced lattes, time with girlfriends, etc.) or it's just not that important. My "tip" for getting my runs in is to just do it. Make a schedule and do whatever you can to stick to it. I see so many people needlessly struggling with stuff like this, and it's just a matter of being honest with yourself and prioritizing things.

    I'm really excited to start baking sour stuff soon. Thank you again for the starter, and for including us in your visit this weekend!

  2. Oh man, you have to be in the mood to run a real trail like that! I bet you guys were surprised when you saw that! I'd do about 3 and call it a day, too! ;)

    Ugh, balance. Yes, it is just prioritization. We can't balance out a bit of everything every day. That's just ridiculous. (Of course, I do believe that when we are too far off the routine that works for us, it can make us feel like garbage - things like eating bad, not enough sleep, too much busy time, etc.). Find out what works for you people, and do it!

    This looks like a really fun weekend! I hope it wasn't as hot there as it was in Chicago!