Monday, October 1, 2018

Ironman Louisville Training 2018 {Week 18}

18 weeks down, 2 weeks to go!


It was a solid week of training. I didn’t  swim. I’m not terribly concerned. I felt pretty good over all and am starting to see everything come together for October 14. 

I feel more confident about my bike nutrition after talking to Jill. I experienced a setback with my plans and have decided to not let it be an issue on race day. I’ll be getting my calories solely from liquids on the bike. I just need to figure out how to carry the powder for my drink mix. 

Low lights:

Sleep. The most sleep I’ve gotten in a while came the night of the 10 miler. I’m tired. I’m cranky. I’m overly emotional. Sleep will be a priority during the next 2 weeks.  Sleep > an hour workout. 


September monthly totals! I was surprised to have run over 200 miles!

Running a “PR” at  the Chicago 10 Mile on Saturday. 
I’m super excited where my fitness is despite no speedwork. 

Running with Ze before the sunrise on Friday. He’s so much fun. 

Waking up to the dogs being very interested in something on our bedroom window - which turned ot to be a bird seemingly stuck to our screen. I took a shower and thought about how to free it- but when I got out it was gone. 

Another bird visitor to our balcony- this guy was big and colorful. 

Trying another Louisville bourbon. 

Spending time with this goof. We’ve been letting him out of his crate for longer stretches while we are home and he’s finally starting to chill out and not go 100% crazy play ball mode the entire time. 

Fried bologna sandwich at Marz on Sunday. Hit the spot hard. 

I’m still craving red meat. I must be defeicient in iron. 

One of several Marz beers I had. All delicious. It’s one of my favorite breweries in Chicago. 

Enjoying park time with the boys. 

Looking forward:

•Start making a packing list for next week (!!!!!)
•reset my garmin to beep every 10 min on the bike so I remember to drink (thanks Jill!)
•be confident with my bike nutrition
•select my run outfit
•average closer to 7 hours sleep a night. Should be easier since most of my weekly workouts are around an hour. 

•seeing so many friends this coming weekend for the marathon!

13 days to go!!!! 

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  1. Man, you get some great birds at your place! I'm jealous! That's looks like a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker on your screen. Their bellies aren't nearly as yellow as the name implies - they look more like mottled woodpeckers than anything. I saw a lot in Grant Park around the Museum Campus area during spring migration, so I'm sure if you keep an eye out, you'll see more (though hopefully not on your window!). And I think your other visitor is an American Kestrel! That's super cool!