Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Ironman Louisville Training 2018 {Week 19}

One week (less at this point) to go. Yay. 

It was a solid week of taper. Had planned on more like 10-11 hours but had to take a rest day.  I’m happy with everything and ready for Sunday and to have my life (and our life) back again. 

I’m busy with work and home and feel stretched thin. Thank you Ironman taper/tiredness. I still cry at random stuff. But it is getting better as I get more rest. 

My weight is in a good place- I’ve lost 8lbs since starting training 19 weeks ago. I did weigh myself on a particularly fluffy feeling day to have a bigger loss. I don’t reward myself with food for completing workouts. I’m so happy to have not gained weight like last time. I still crave red meat. I’m still probably deficient in iron and B vitamins. 

Low lights:

I didn’t swim.  Time ran out. With our MRC Run And spectating the marathon- I couldn’t go on the weekend. And I have reservations of going at night. I’ll be fine. 

Decided on my kit- and wore that for my last ride. CB approves. 


I’m getting more sleep. Averaging 6+ almost 7 now instead of 5.5 like prior weeks. I took a rest day Sunday (should have cycled/run for an hour each) but stood on my feet spectating the marathon for 6 hours, so that has to count towards something. Unfortunately there isn’t a metric to quantify exactly what the impact was. Ha

Chicago 10 mile photos- they made me smile. They were free! I loved these 2. My typical staring off into the clouds/I want to be done face late in the race, and midway huffing and puffing. 

Our MRC Run on Saturday was amazing! We had people from Russia, San Diego, Trinidad, Liverpool, London, Copenhagen And of course Chicago. It was so wonderful to meet so many new people. 

And it was great to see old friends who were in town for the marathon. 

Sunday I stood at mile 3 for a bit while L went to vote in the brasilian elections. It was great seeing people so fresh and happy so early in the race. 

Seeing Sir Mo killing it at mile 23. We watched the replay when we got home and his closing kick was pure fire. 

I was very excited to see Gwen. She’s put herself out there declaring how she wants Olympic gold in the marathon after winning gold in the triathlon in Rio. She didn’t have a great day unfortunately. 

Looking forward: I need to pack up all my crap for the race. We are driving, so I can take extra things like jackets and not worry that I’m running out of carry on space. I’ve checked the weather a few times now to start getting an idea of what I’ll need for the bike and run. (Rain gear) 

I’m really excited to see J and G on Friday. And I’m excited to eat really good food and experience Louisville in a few days. 

To do list:
•make a list of everything I need to pack
•pack everything 
•check what I’ve packed 10x
•swim, if time permits
•visualize how I want the race to go 
•write down my bike nutrition plan
•get the boys ready for boarding 

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  1. I love your race photos!!! And how fun you got to have such a cool MRC meetup before the marathon.

    My Garmin puts things like standing on your feet spectating in to your calendar as "Smart IQ" (or something like that) activities! But anyway, that totally counts as a workout and I bet you were more tired from that than you would have been from an hour each of cycling and running!

    I wonder if Gwen will do a video on her youtube channel about the race. I hope so!

    It's gonna be SO NICE to have your life back next week! :) And to be celebrating your finish!