Monday, June 17, 2019

København The Last Few Days 2019

Day 5 we started out with a delicious breakfast of rugbrod and soft boiled eggs. 

Then we went to MBCC! group photo of #mrccchiago 

After the first session it was time for the annual international MRC run. 

Here we are pictured with some of the members of the Swedish beer mile team. They not only drink beer fast but can throw down 2:30 marathons like no big deal. Ah what it’s like to be in your mid 20’s. 

Group photo of MRC Worldwide.  So many chapters represented- London, Chicago, San Diego, LA, Finspang, Stockholm, Malmo, Liverpool, CPH, Kazan, Moscow, Helsinki, Skataborg, And many many others. Bringing the world together through running and beer. 

MRC Chicago x Liverpool x Copenhagen 

Liverpool + Soren the MRC president. 

Kazan Russia + CPH + Chicago. 

Post run we got a John’s hot dog. They are out of this world. The sausage is snappy and the toppings are fire. 

Then it was time for the last session of MBCC. And the Malort came out. Of course. 

Obligatory cheese from Arilunka. 

Post beer sesh we went to Ramen to Biru. 


Amazing ramen. 

Take me back 

Day 6 started with a run. 

Nilen status along the lakes. 

We ran to Kastellet Park. 


Gorgeous day. 

We went to Cafe Mormor for breakfast. 

It’s decorated like a grandmothers house. 

They had an ample selection of pastries. 

It was fun!

I had a berry scone. It was really good. 

We went back to the flat and got ready for lunch. 

So many cool statues Around the city. 

This one is of the first selfie ever. {lolz}

We walked up to Nyhavn. 

We met some of our good friends for authentic smorrebrod at Palegade. I had pickled herring for the first time and it was delicious. 

You pair the smorrebrod with snaps. Usually aquavit flavored with foraged herbs. It cuts through the richness of the sandwich. 

Omg so good. 

I also had a traditional chicken salad. 

God, I love this city and the people so much. 

Nyhavn is one of my favorite places to walk here. 

Like a post card. 

Stopped by Fermentoren for another beer. 

Then to the brand new La Neta for tacos. 

Then back to Fermentoren for one last beer with friends. 

One of my favorite bars here. 

Last night in CPH. 

Monday morning we went for one last run. 

We ran along the lakes. 

And took selfies. 

And went to Meyers Bakery. I wanted to go here because I have a few of Claus Meyers books- one of Scandinavian cooking and one of baking. He made baking really approachable for me.  

So damn good. 


Then we went to the airport. 

Stopped by the Mikkeller airport bar for one last. 

Cph airport is amazing- the shopping and food are top notch. 

We ended our trip just as we started - by meeting Henrik for beers. 

Time to flyyyyy

Obligatory airplane selfie. Noise cancelling headphones were a game changer. There were a few infants a row over from us screaming like banshees at times and I didn’t even hear them. God bless Bose. 

Lake Michigan. 

Home sweet Chicago. 

It was a great trip with great people. I think for next year we should split time between CPH and a new to us city, maybe Split, Croatia, northern Italy, Prague or?

Can’t wait for year #6 in 2020! 

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