Sunday, May 26, 2019

Bike the Drive 2019

Did my 2nd Bike the drive. 

Figured it would be fun to ride a bit since I had nothing better to do Sunday morning. 

Got Mortadella all set the night before. 

My plan was to ride 30 miles and be done. The later it gets, the more of a shit show lakeshore drive becomes. 

5:45am I was cruising down the path. 

It was fun!

Heading back south there was a bad accident near Fullerton. 

There’s many potholes and uneven pavement to keep an eye out for. 

My goal was to get done before any potential rain started because I’m over riding running or whatever in shitty conditions. 

My friend N snapped this action pic of me  (below) heading back south. 

Shortly after the pic was taken I said “on your left” to a lady riding slower whom I needed to pass. She replied with. “Fuck you, fuck you” repeatedly in an extremely aggressive nature. I laughed because I was so shocked. and then wondered if that is the new “good morning?” But in all seriousness, it was disturbing. I had said “on your left” in the same manner to like 15-20 people prior to encountering her, and the same amount of people said it to me. I appreciated that they were giving me a heads up they were passing. Knowing proper bike etiquette is important and essential if you plan to do rides like this. 

*on your left- a very polite way to let other riders you are close by and that you are passing on their left*

The other thing I noticed was the high number of riders taking selfies and messing with their phones while riding their bikes. Smh. I get it- it’s cool to take a selfie or shot of the skyline with a car free lakeshore drive, but for the love of god just signal, and pull off to the side to take your photos. đŸ€Š‍♀️ 
I tried to keep a decent effort while riding so I would be done quickly. As time goes on the number of inexperienced riders grows and gets dangerous imo. 

Overall I had fun, but I definitely prefer the organized rides in the burbs better as they are less crowded and people seem to pay attention more. 

Della was happy to get a medal for completing 30 miles. 

It was a good way to spend Sunday morning. 

**all photos taken today while practicing safe bike practices- signaled I was stopping and then pulled off to the side away from tracffic. Because don’t be a dumbass. 

Oatmeal pre ride
Sis electrolytes and ice in my bottle

Ride started at 70degrees, finished at 57

Should have brought a blue tooth speaker to have some jamz. Next time. 


  1. Congrats on the 30 miles! That's too bad about that lady cursing you out. Some people are just miserable. Yesterday during BTD, I got yelled at by a guy who was mad that an attachment on my bike was malfunctioning (that I didn't know about) when he could have just as easily talked nicely to me. Anyway, too bad I didn't see you out there. You were probably back home by the time I started!

    1. These large events really bring out all kinds of people. I forget how much of a bubble I live in until something like this. Lol. Congrats on your BTD too! Did you ride one of your works bikes? Cyclists are assholes- some of them at least. (Same goes for runners). That sucks that guy was a dick to you. I hope you had fun regardless. We should do one of the rides in the burbs sometime- much different vibe. Hope to see you Saturday!!

  2. Whoa, that is an ominous sky! I'm glad it was safe to ride! Riding in the rain is not worth it!

    I don't know much about this event - can you start whenever, after a certain time? And do they always give a medal? It seems fun until the f*ckos come out! I agree - don't go out there unless you KNOW and FOLLOW bike etiquette!