Monday, July 29, 2019

Malort 5k 2019 {race recap}

On Saturday we ran our 2nd Malort 5k. 

We had a huge squad from our run club participating. 

You take a shot of Malort before starting your watch, run a 5k, then take another shot just before the finish. The winners get 1 bottle of Malort, and the last place finishers get 2 bottles. 

Section 8 co hosted the event which helped raise funds for the Fire for Food campaign , as well as the Chicago Fire soccer club.

Smiles and anticipation of what was to come.

We took our shots and started our run. It was super fun!

Despite having the taste of gasoline, number 2 pencil shavings and windex in our mouths, we were having a blast.

Pete B came out to spectate and snapped this great photo of us! And I got to pet his adorable puppies!
This was the first 5k I’ve ever negative split. At least that I can remember. 

After 3 miles we returned to the start which meant 1 more shot. 

Which was promptly chased with an old style.


We even got medals for surviving this amazing race!

We had a lot of fun running and spending time with everyone.

Nothing more Chicago than an old style and Malort.

Done! 2shots and 3 beers before 10am. We were living our best lives!

10/10 will be back next year.

Post run group photo.

Post celebrations we went to the farmers market.

We had raclette.

It was the perfect end to a crazy morning. 


  1. LOL when I saw the picture of the Old Style I was going to say there's not a more Chicago combo than that, which I see you agree with :)

    You guys are truly living your best lives there. You couldn't pay me to take another shot of Malort (while sober at least), much less before and after running a 5k! Most impressive!

    Technical question - you have a Polar watch now? Do you like it better than Garmin?

  2. It was great seeing you guys and watching the legendary Malort 5k! The pups got a little freaked out when the first group of runners started circling them, but luckily they chilled out somewhat by the time you guys got there!