Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Vancouver + Whistler 2019 {Part 2}

We started Friday by running around Stanley Park. 

It’s a few miles longer than I thought- sorry L! 

But the views are totally worth it!


It was just so peaceful and beautiful. 

We saw sea planes. 
And the “girl in a wetsuit”

We also saw a seal swimming in the water. 

I love this place. 

I love how the path is separated for cyclists/rollerbladers and runners. 


After our 7 mile run, we went to 6 Degrees for breakfast. I loved the mug that came with my coffee. 

I had Benedict. 

Our route. 
Post breakfast we checked out of our hotel, got some Japadogs for the road and rented a car to head to whistler. 

The drive is so incredibly beautiful. 

Mountains! Snow capped mountains! 

We stopped at a scenic vista to take pictures and eat our Japadogs. 

Japadogs. Majestic AF. 

I was so happy to see mountains with snow. 


We got to Whistler and walked around the village. 

We had some beer and watched the mountain bikers. 

I just wish we had more time to spend here. 

We went to dinner at Araxi with friends. 

Amazing fresh oysters. 

Truffle parm fries. 

And Sablefish in miso broth. 

Lemon curd tart. Perfect end to our only night in Whistler. 

The best morning we got breakfast in the village 

I had a bagel sandwich and we got muffins to go. 

Then we competed in the Redbull 400 World Championships.  Race recap: 

Post 400 we drove back to Vancouver. We went to Alibi room for dinner and beer. 

I had an amazing stirfry of rice noodles, broccoli and tofu. 

We met the MRC Vancouver captains. 

Alibi room has great food and expansive craft beer selection. We enjoyed it 4 years ago also. 

Then it was time for bed. 

We woke up and ran part of the sea wall again. 

It was drizzling lightly and felt great. 

I love this place so much. 

I loved the signs warning cyclists to slow down. 

And just like that our run and time in Vancouver was over. 

We got breakfast at Tim Hortons before heading to the airport. 

The airport is cool. 

Obligatory plane selfie. 

As we got close to Chicago the pilot said we would have to circle a bit due to storms. After 20-30 min he said we will be landing in 8-9 minutes.... in Madison, WI. We were running out of fuel. 

So we landed in Madison with 3-4 other large planes and waited an hour and a half until the ground stop was lifted from ORD. The wheels up/wheels down flight time was only 24 min to ORD!

ORD was a complete shitshow when we landed. 5 planes to a baggage claim and lines a mile long for people who missed their connections. Apparently the storm cell messed a lot of people up. We were just happy to be home. (Direct flights are always worth a few extra $$).

This trip was entirely too short. There’s so much more I wanted to see in Whistler and Vancouver. We will have to return again soon. 

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  1. OMG those fries. Drool face.

    Stanley Park looks gorgeous. What a neat place to run. I hope I can run there if I ever get out there!

    I am glad you had so many happy moments on this trip. What a gorgeous place!

    Girl in a wetsuit. LOL ded