Monday, April 6, 2020

Life 3.31.20 - 4.5.20


(I live for 8pm balcony singing/light show)

3 weeks of WFM completed. Not much has changed on the work front. I think I’m finally settling into the “new normal” of various extra reports and analytics that I do, so I can better manage my time and get my actual work done. 

On Monday, Zé pequeno head butted me (after L said a “special word” which made Ze move abruptly as we were cuddling) and split my top lip open. It hurt for a few days.

Ze is now 57.7lbs as of Saturday. He is going on a diet of more veggies, less pellets and more walks/runs. He’s a happy boi, but he needs to lose like 10-15lbs. 

I got Ze some early birthday presents- meet “Tundro” the newest member of his Dino squad. 

Our flights to Denmark were finally included in the “no fee” change date range- so we will possibly look at new flights. I say possibly because I’ve lost all interest in going at this point. I don’t see how the pandemic will be cleared up in 6-7 months and I worry we would have trouble going or getting home. But that’s just my anxiety talking. 


We cooked more at home this week- but still got carry out from some places. 

I’m a pro at making various styles of eggs.

We made pizza again. Making pizza on the balcony boosts my mood so much.

Wedge from firehouse. I love wedges.

Chicken burrito from 18th street. 

With leftover fries from firehouse, we made a breakfast hash- cut up fries, shallots, and eggs + cheese. 

Goals for this week cooking/eating wise include: eat smaller portions, cook more at home, continue to supplement with carry out. 


I cycled 7 times (on Zwift, indoors) for a total of 155 miles. 

L, Ze and I took a 3 mile run on Saturday morning to keep the MRC Chicago spirit alive. 

We ran on Michigan Ave early in the morning to avoid as many people as possible- plus the sidewalks are very wide.

Ze was so happy to run with us. 

Sunday, L and I went to 18th street brewery to pick up food and cocktails to go. When we parked we saw the owner who said they had changed their hours and would be opening at 12 - we arrived at 11:36. So we decided to walk on the Monon trail for a bit.

It was a gorgeous, cool  sunny day. It felt great to walk on the trail we usually run on for MRC 18th street. As we were walking, some birds started fighting in the air and almost hit us.

We only saw 3-4 cyclists and a family playing in a nearby field during our 40 min walk. I was surprised there weren’t more people out. I would have opted to sit in the car had it been busy.

I didn’t do any running intervals or organized strength sessions this week. I didn’t feel great for part of the week and didn’t want to push it.  

Goals for next week: organized strength sessions and some running intervals- as well as running with Ze. 


THIS ARTICLE From Time Out Chicago made me happy. Our 8pm south loop gatherings are gaining momentum and are such a great stress relief + mental health boost. Plus- I was quoted in the article and a great compilation of my nightly balcony recordings  were made into a fun video. 

Someone in our building tested positive for Covid. We have been washing hands/avoiding people since early March - but it’s unnerving to know it’s confirmed and it’s so close. 

Status of America: raging dumpster fire.  “Leadership” in Washington is blaming states for not being prepared, and pushing blame for not helping boost the amount of PPE and ventilators available.  It’s a joke. They took a gamble back in January about the virus not being a big deal and now shit has hit the fan and getting worse. Incompetence is the only word I can think of. People are dying because the government didn’t take this serious enough. 

Seeing people continue to post selfies and preface it with “we were totally social distancing” is such a slap in the face to healthcare workers and everyone who is working to stop the spread. Maybe things haven’t gotten to an alarming level where these people are- YET, but there’s enough news and information available to show that you shouldn’t be meeting in groups. This is a hill I’m willing to die on. 


We had a few virtual happy hours - and it was so nice to see everyone. 

It was so nice to go to 18th street and get food + cocktails to go and walk in the sun for a bit.  This boosted my mental health so much. 

Whenever I hear a helicopter outside I’ll look or sometimes go to the window to see it- now I know what a dog feels like when they see something outside and get crazy excited. 

“When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.”
Paulo Coelho

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  1. Awww, there's just so much of Ze to love! But I get it, we definitely monitor V's weight too. Being so little, it's easy for her to become borderline overweight, and we don't want her to have joint problems as a result. LOL at the "special word" - we have those for Violet too. Sorry Ze ended up headbutting you though! Ouch!

    YES I love a good Wedge salad! And I use leftover fries for breakfast hash all the time! (this was a trick I picked up from my Grandma, who would not waste even one bite of anything)

    Someone I went to grade school with who is a nurse posted just what you said - "social distancing" selfies are a huge slap in the face to them. Like WTF people, what makes anyone think that's okay and/or that they're immune? A bunch of our Boomer-aged neighbors were hanging out in the shared yard on Saturday and I just don't get it. STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM EACH OTHER. It's not hard.

    With your cooking at home goal, are you trying out any new recipes?