Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Life 4.20.20 - 4.26.20


6 weeks of WFH. Not much has changed on that front except I have to start going to the office 1x a week. 

Getting to run with Ze and L was nice on Sunday. 

Zé is a happy boi- he carries his Dinos around with him - especially if we bring one of the others “to life.” Then he tries to shove the one in his mouth at the one we’ve got. 

We had a Zoom with Kim, Violet, Anne and Ze last week. It is always nice to see them. 

Birds have returned to our balcony. Zé barked at one of them, but decided to play ball as it watched. 

Every morning I do the New York Times mini crossword puzzle. 


We kept up with making food during the week and getting carry out on the weekend. 

We made pizza again and again. Roasted vegetable tacos were delicious! I also tried to make crumpets with sourdough discard, but they burned on the bottom and didn’t cook through on top- they went straight to the bin. With the remaining batter, I made pancake type things. 

And more pizza! 

We got take out Friday night from Firehouse- I had a short rib grilled cheese, we also got delicious Italian sandwiches (I had the muffuletta) and Nduja arrancini from Teptesta market. Sunday was fried chicken from Harbor- which has fast become one of our favorite places. 

We will continue to cook at home during the week. I would like to start making items out of my cookbooks- but most of the recipes would involve getting extra ingredients I don’t already have - which is my current barrier. 


Cycled 160 miles and ran 5. I enjoy cycling in the mornings a ton. Running outside makes me feel great- but the weather was cold and I just didn’t care to get dressed in layers for 2-3 miles with Ze. 

He knows that the harness is for running and gets so excited he starts shaking in the elevator on our way down to run. 

One day I decided to do 20 push-ups each hour. (Mainly to get myself off the couch and move a bit) I lasted 6 hours and the next day I was quite sore. 

I’m happy to not have decided on any big races or goals for 2020 at the end of 2019. A few races I was signed up for got cancelled but that’s life. 

It’s been nice to run and cycle as I please.  That being said, I signed up for 2 virtual events. “The great virtual race across Tennessee” which starts May 1. It’s hosted by Laz who created the Barkley marathon.  From May to August you self report on your progress of running 1000km which is about 5 miles a day. The other is  “take a jog, save a dog” in September. 

I also signed up for the Ironman Virtual race series. Each week there’s different challenges involving cycling and running of various distances. 

Goals for workouts:
• continue on with avg 20 miles a day cycling. 
• Run outside more. 
• strength train


America is sill a raging dumpster fire of complete incompetence. “Leadership” in the white house suggested people should inject cleaning supplies or drink them since they kill viruses. This resulted in spikes of calls to poison control. Idiocrary. 


We took Ze to see Fido to Go and buy him some treats on Sunday. He was so incredibly happy to be at the truck again. It’s like he knows it’s for him. To see him blissed out made me so happy. 

I’m pretty much the only one with a face covering while running- I leave it on all the time because hands are dirty and because I encounter a lot of people where I run. I don’t understand why people Can’t cover up. It’s so gross to see all the mouth breathers out there especially when the CDC recommends wearing something to stop the spread. Selfish is the word that comes to mind.  

Unite at 8 happens every night. I look forward to it each night. Soldier field even played music for us Friday and Saturday.  

Another week down and more to go since our stay at home has been extended until the end of May.  The only way I feel better about this whole situation is “to live life a quarter mile at a time.” Thank you Dom for that gem. To try to think about what life will look like in the summer or 6 months from now is a waste of energy. I like to focus on what I can control. 


  1. Glad to see the treat truck is back in business. Ze looks quite excited to see it! Congrats on all the miles. I'm looking forward to biking this summer. I need to research running-specific masks. I have about 5 etsy masks that I change out after every time I walk the dogs, but they would probably not give me enough air when I run.

  2. I am loving the F&F reference at the end :) <3

    I was gonna ask if you wear your face covering the whole time! Out here I don't - I pull it up when I see someone (usually once a run if at all). When it's cold I already have it up, but am pulling it up and down to spit (gross, I know).

    I hope your 1x in a week goes good!

    How are you guys getting groceries now? I ask since you mentioned you need new ingredients. Grocery shopping is so strange right now! I have a bunch of boring comments on it for my post tomorrow LOL.

    I love that Ze gets so excited for his runs! I hope we have better weather soon so we can just go out in shorts and tees!