Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Life 4.27.20 - 5.3.20


7 weeks of WFH- not much has changed except I now go into the office 1x a week. I had originally planned to run commute, but my bag is too bulky/heavy. I then decided biking would be good-  but the weather was crap so I got a ride from L. 

I felt overwhelmed being at work despite there being only 20% of the normal workforce. I feel it is too early to return. I felt overwhelmed when I went to the grocery store on my lunch hour to pick up a few things. Previously I had gone to Jewel once around Easter and was in/out so fast I didn’t have time to process. This time at WF was my second time in a large grocery store since March 13. They were counting the number of people in the store and nearly everyone had masks on. It was nice to browse and pick up a few things- but so weird to be in a big space like that. 

I really enjoyed the reflection of the buildings in this puddle on Michigan Ave last week. 

Ze is a happy boy and we are thankful he is in our lives. 

He got some refills of baby Dinos this week. 

He loves carrying them around in his mouth and chomping on them to make them squeak.  He also shoves them at us or another toy when he plays- vs biting directly. He’s fun. 


We are continuing to cook during the week and only order carry out Friday evening - Sunday. 

I made (heated up) bbq jackfruit, and made rice bowls with various veggies. 

Our carry out routine was comprised of Firehouse for their amazing chocolate cake, grilled cheese and chicken sando. 

Chocolate cake from Firehouse. They have a new dessert special every week and without knowing what it is, we always order it because they have all been amazing. 

On Saturday we picked up food and drinks from Marz (our usual Sunday funday place pre covid) and then stopped by Centennial for a crowler + some Hop butcher. 

On Sunday, L drove to 18th street to pick up their Bloody Mary trio + some food. I stayed home and cleaned our place. I was so happy I decided to stay home and get something done. I knew if I went with him I wouldn’t have gotten anything completed. 

Sunday night was pizza night. I made a mushroom pizza- sautéed mushrooms in butter, garlic, thyme and some sherry and used gruyere/Swiss cheese.  L made a ham and pepperoni pizza. 

We bought the pizza oven 4 years ago after visiting friends in Berlin who had a similar model. It has been so wonderful to be able to make fresh pizza frequently  on the balcony the past few months. 


Woo Hoo! I completed one of my highest mileage running weeks in a while. 20 miles. Lol. The Great Virtual Run Across Tennessee has helped Ze and I get out of the house more to run  and log miles  

Ze and I ran a few times before work. He gets so excited when we go for runs. 

I hit level 25 on Zwift and got a new kit to wear. 

We took photos with the Art institute lions- they both received masks but some asshole jerks stole one of them. 

We celebrated our first Saturday MRC run with a 10k to keep the Mikkeller Running Club Spirit alive. We miss the group runs and post run beverages So much. 

Goals: continue to build running miles to achieve around 35-40 miles a week running+ walking

Cycling- 100 miles a week (down from 150)

Strength- be more consistent and use the apps I’ve got and log my time. 


Nothing new to report on. America is still a raging dumpster fire thanks to incompetent “leaders.” 


On Saturday, we should have had our first Saturday event with MRC Chicago. That night we should have been on a plane to Copenhagen. Sunday we should have been able to sit at the Mikkeller CPH airport bar for a few hours before our flight to Stockholm. 

This would have been L’s first time to Stockholm and my second. I always wanted to return after I visited in 2002. 

Pictures from 2002

I’m quite bummed to not be in Scandinavia this week- for the past 5 years we’ve gone to Copenhagen for the beer festival  (and sometimes someplace else). It’s one of the best weeks of the year- we try new beer and see so many fun people. We hope to be able to go later in the year but I’m not looking too far ahead at the moment. 


  1. Congrats on reaching 20 miles! That's probably where I'm at if you combine dog walking and running. I went into a Jewel about two weeks ago. They had no one limiting the number of people that were coming in and it was pretty crowded which was uncomfortable. Was super weird to actually be in the same "room" with lots of other people. Yes, I think it's too early for most offices to reopen. I say we get the curve way way down before we even think about it. Bummer about your Scandinavian trip not happening. Hopefully, everyone can travel normally next year.

  2. How have you been getting groceries otherwise? I finally started doing online order pick-ups a few weeks ago after a friend of mine had a suspected case of COVID (and only ever left her house to get groceries).

    Ohio reopened all offices on Monday and I agree, it's too soon. I'm more thankful than ever that I'm not required to be in an office right now. I'm sorry that you have to go in even once a week when you're not comfortable with it :(

    THAT CHOCOLATE CAKE OMG that looks so good! Are you able to find any new and different beers this weekend in honor of the CPH beer fest? If you're trying to find different beers I think Hopleaf is selling growlers, and I believe Bottles & Cans (which I used to live around the corner from) is still open. Of course these are both northside recommendations since that's all I know :)