Monday, August 13, 2018

Ironman Louisville Training 2018 {week 11}

Week 11 totals:

Run: 40.06 miles, 5:39:56 hours
Bike: 118.41 miles, 7:17:11 hours
Swim: 2200 yards (1.25 miles) 53:51 minutes

Training Cycle totals (start May 28)

Run: 303.45 miles, 43:27 hours
Bike: 1048.67 miles, 65:16 hours
Swim: 2200 yards (1.25 miles) 53:51 minutes


Finally going for a swim! I don’t know what my problem has been (being sick for 3 weeks didn’t help, can’t speak for the previous 6) but once I was there I felt great.  

Being more than halfway with training is awesome. To know we only have 9 weeks left is amazing! I’m literally counting down the days until I have my weekends back again. During the week my workouts are generally the same duration for whatever I’m training for- like 1:15 a day. The weekend training for Ironman is ridiculously time consuming. This weekend I spent nearly 9 hours working out. 

Low lights: 

Can’t think of any for this week. Woot woot. 


I finally feel much better about the IM, and much more excited too. Having a solid swim has pumped up my confidence that I will have a great day in Louisville. I was concerned about the swim- but when I got into the pool on Saturday, I just started swimming and kept going. I had been worried I’d freak out or have difficulty breathing, but I felt at home. 

I’d like to believe I’m making progress on the bike. I signed up for Zwift academy (free) and set my goal to grand fondo (100-200k ride goal). Now Zwift gives me workouts to do each week which will help me achieve a more solid ride for the IM. I’ve done 3 workouts this week for ZA including ramp ups, a long tempo and low gear spin work. 

Another cool thing about Zwift is that I completed all 7 stages of the SiS Tour de Oz in July- and for that I received 30 free SiS gels, And the opportunity to purchase the real life kit that we wore in the virtual tour. I’m seriously hooked on Zwift. It saves me a bunch of time  to ride inside, and is much safer than if I rode outside. 

On Baking bread:

It’s been a tradition for me to buy a cook book when I visit places- so when we were at the airport leaving Copenhagen in May, I picked up this baking book by Claus Meyer. I had never been into baking previously, but the thought of making my own bread sounded interesting. 

I started by making a starter. Happy Birthday, starter! You’re one month old!

I’ve been making ร˜land wheat loaves the past few weeks. 

I love the process of refreshing the starter, and then mixing the dough the next morning and seeing it come alive. 

CB dog approves. 

This week I’ll be making 2 loaves in tins instead of a free form loaf. I figured it would be easier for sandwiches and just as tasty. 

I am absolutely obsessed with this wheat bread. It’s got a nice crust and inside it is perfect. It has a great flavor too. I need to select another recipe to try soon- maybe a luxurious dough to make cinnamon bread?

Balcony Pepper Garden:

We decided this year to have 6 pepper plans to grow on our balcony. We love the YouTube show called “Hot Ones” where host Sean Evans interviews celebrities while eating increasingly hot wings. We are now very much into hot sauce and figured the next logistical step would be to grow our own peppers. 

Long gold peppers are C. baccatum. Fairly spicy but good flavor. 

This spooky pair are Carolina reapers. The hottest pepper in the world. 

This guy is Trinidad Scorpion- also a former record holder of hottest pepper in the world.  

This last one is a Brazilian Beak Pepper. They are Smokey and have a little kick. I’ll turn these into a relish or pickle them. 

{not pictured are the habanero red sauvin and the sweet non spicy Frigatello) 

The super hot peppers will be dehydrated to make pepper dust to sprinkle on food. Maybe I’ll also try making a hot sauce. 

We also have a planter full of wild flowers- currently the only ones blooming are the Uber exotic, marigold plant :)

Looking forward:

I’m getting increasingly excited about completing my second Ironman. I’ve been putting in the work (minus swimming until this week) and just didn’t feel good about it. Now I have an extra pep in my step towards this race. 

I’ll try to get to the lake to do an open water swim this week. If not, I’ll hit the pool again. 

Zwift academy will help with my short days when I need higher intensity workouts on the bike. 

I’ll also mix in some intervals this week for running. I’d like to leave this training cycle in a place that enables me to chase some massive running PRs for 2019. 

The boys have been great this week. 

For #goalz2018 I’m currently at 33/52 new to me recipes. My latest creation was pickling peppers from my balcony. I’ve never pickled peppers before, and now that my peppers are starting to mature at the same time, I need to figure out what to do with them so they don’t go to waste. The extremely hot peppers- the Carolina reaper, Trinidad scorpion and habanero sauvin will be dried in the dehydrator and made into pepper dust.  A full list of what I’ve made this year is 

63 days to go! ๐Ÿ™ƒ๐Ÿ˜ฒ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿคฎ

Monday, August 6, 2018

Ironman Louisville Training 2018 {week 10} aka 2 rivers century

Week 10 totals:

Run: 27.15 miles, 3:45.30 hours
Bike: 167.35 miles, 10:30 hours
Swim: 0 

Training Cycle totals (start May 28)

Run: 263.39 miles, 37:47 hours
Bike: 930.26 miles, 57.59 hours
Swim: 0 


Completing my 3rd century! 

Low lights: 

Not swimming. I’ve had a dry cough ever since I got sick 3 weeks ago. I decided it wasn’t worth it to have a coughing fit in the middle of the lake or pool. Been there, done that and don’t ever feel the need to tread water and cough uncontrollably ever again. There’s always next week. 

Taking CB to the vet late on Monday because his eye had been awful looking during the weekend. We initially thought it was from a spider bite and gave him Benadryl, but when that didn’t help, we knew we had to get him checked out. He was diagnosed with “Horners syndrome” basically a spontaneous facial paralysis which should clear up on its own within a few weeks- months. 

Two rivers century:

I did this same ride in 2016 before IM Wisconsin and enjoyed it a lot.  While riding 100 miles was more than what my plan called for, I wanted to ride a little more and complete the distance for confidence. 

I woke up early and packed Mortadella into the rental and drove an hour down to Kankakee. It’s probably the first time I’ve driven since I did this ride 2 years ago. 

The drive was quick, and I got checked in fast. They are super organized.  The ride consists of multiple different loops which is nice so you’re not riding the same portion more than once. Every 15-20 miles there are rest stops fully stocked with cold water/Gatorade, snacks, smiling volunteers, and PbJ sandwiches. 

I didn’t know anyone else riding, so it was just Mortadella and I for the duration of this ride. 

The course is beautiful.  Not all corn and soybean fields. It crosses the two rivers- Iroquois and Kankakee many times. 

I found myself riding completely alone for most of the ride. It was nice to simulate what the Ironman will be like in 9 weeks since you can’t ride less than 6 bike lengths away. 

Before I started, i made sure to spray sunscreen all over so I wouldn’t be burnt to a crisp.(I also carried the sunscreen with me and reapplied several times)  In the first mile I rode through a huge gnat cloud and suddenly had 100’s of bugs stuck to me for the next 7 hours. 

The first few loops I felt great! I was cruising easily around 17-20mph.  It was encouraging to see my pace improve so much- I owe it all to Zwift trainer rides. 

It was ridiculously hot out. And sunny. And windy. I usually never feel super sweaty but during this ride I was dripping.  
There were long stretches where I was riding into a headwind and my pace slowed to a crawl of around 11-12mph. This was very discouraging. I have no idea what the actual wind speed was, but it was like riding up a 7% hill.  

I felt really good about nutrition during the ride. I would eat half a PbJ sandwich and some cookies at each rest stop- around every hour+. I also drank around 5.5+ liters of electrolytes. Despite all the hydration, I lost 3lbs on this ride. 

More open roads. 

I was so ready to be done around mile 67. The headwind made me so frustrated. 

One thing I noticed was tons of empty beer cans along the road. Driving under the influence is a thing here?

Mile 75 rest stop. I didn’t refill my 2nd bottle and wish I had because this was the last stop before the finish at 103 miles. I got really thirsty after I finished my last 1000ml bottle of cold gatorade. 

Mortadella enjoyed the ride immensely. I’ve been thankful to never have any problems with this bike. 

Smiles at 75 miles. 

One of the two rivers. 

Random sign around mile 90- a contrast to the usual signs in this area. 

Celebratory pic back at the car after 103.86 miles. 

I finished this years ride about 15 minutes slower than I did in 2016. I attribute this to being at a different part of the training cycle- I’m early for 100 right now. But also due to the headwinds. 

I got home and ordered ramen and tried to relax. Ze just wanted to play ball. Typical. 

Looking forward:


Incorporate more intensity/intervals on the bike during my shorter workouts. I don’t want the wind to kill me in Louisville like it did yesterday. 

Research the IM Lou course so I can plan for hydration/food. Basically create a plan for race day nutrition. I find not eating a ton makes me feel best. 

Find one or 2 more outdoor rides before October. 

69 days to go!

Friday, August 3, 2018

Ironman Louisville Training 2018 {Week 9}

Week 9 total:
Running: 31.7 miles,  4:35 hours
Cycling: 68:36 miles, 4:30
Swimming: 0

Where I am 3-4 days a week.

Training Cycle total:  {start May 28}
Running : 236.24 miles , 34 hours
Cycling: 762.92 miles, 47:29 hours
Swimming: 0 miles, 0 hours

Yearly total: 
Running : 1236.54 miles, 176.21 hours
Cycling: 992.91 miles, 65:46 hours
Swimming: 0 miles, 0 hours


Getting sick. After nearly 2.5 weeks I’m nearly over the sinus/cough BS, but the worst was returning to workouts this week. I felt fat, heavy, hot and out of breath and like I had lost 874% of my fitness. I didn’t feel guilty taking time off, but oof, returning after a brief  hiatus is hard. 


Going axe throwing with my work. I was awful during our team competitions. But then something clicked. 

I ended up winning the individual tournament. I even got a huge medal for the accomplishment. 

Celebrating L’s birthday at momotoro was the  absolute highlight of the week. The food was spectacular. 

Completing all 7 stages of the Sis Tour de Oz on Zwift. I love Zwift. I don’t like the logistics of riding outside. 

Looking forward:

I need to swim. Had all intentions in week 9, but a lingering cough kept me out of the water. I know better than to try and swim with this dry annoying cough. I have plans to go Saturday morning for my first OWS since IM Wisconsin. I’m nervous and excited.

I’ll be riding my second century (or 3rd if you count the IM) this weekend. I’m nervous and excited. I  haven’t driven since the last one (2016) so that will be an added stress I don’t want to deal with.  I am really excited though. 

I closed out July with some solid numbers despite missing many of my workouts for 2 weeks. I was just slightly off my July 2016 ( IM Wisconsin) build, so I know I’m on the right track. 

With 10 weeks to go, I’m feeling like I’m in a better place than last time. I’m incorporating more intensity into my workouts which I know will make for a more successful day in October, especially on the bike. 

To do:

Figure out bike nutrition. This weekend’s century will be a good practice. 


Continue to do higher intensity bike workouts. (And running too)

Get back into a groove of workouts and life. I’m struggling to wake up early enough since the cold- I know that will get easier now that I’m better.