Saturday, May 8, 2010

8lbs lost, and a whole lot gained...

Ran 5 miles today. 3.5 outside in the wonderful windy cool Alameda trail. Then immediately did 1.5 on the elliptical-stair thing in my gym. I felt AWESOME! I want to go run another 3 but will not. Tomorrow is another day.

In other news, I lost 8lbs in the past month-month and a 1/2. This makes me happy! It really shows that eating healthy and moderate exercise can do wonders!

I drink about 2 liters of water daily. (I NEVER drink soda)
I have a cup or 2 of green tea most days.
I usually have a small 10oz lemonade or oj in the morning (weekdays)

I do not eat fast food. (Been nearly a year since I last stepped into a Mc Donalds, BK, KFC, In n Out, etc)
I do not eat heavily processed foods- like canned soup, frozen dinners, fast food, restaurant food (like Bennigans, TGIFridays, Applebees, etc...) (I still get the occasional frozen/prepared meal from Trader Joes- but they seem to not have may preservatives in them.)
I try to make mostly everything with fresh, unprocessed ingredients.

Laziness is the key to gaining weight and poor health. Simple lifestyle changes make a HUGE difference!

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