Saturday, May 15, 2010

I run to be AMAZED

That is the motto of the Nike Women's Marathon this year. The registration for the race asked us to fill in the blank with one word. "I run to be _____"

I wrote Amazed. Every time I run I am happy that I can run, that I am able to finish a 1/2 marathon (or any distance). I am amazed I can do this.

Ran 4 miles today- 3 outside and 1 on the elliptical and felt AMAZING! Even my shin thing isnt hurting. I had to ice it last night. While running I start thinking of other words to complete "I run to be..."

I run to be healthy.

I run to be happy.

I run to be pushed. [to my limits]

I run to be inspiring.

and with that, I fell short of my 20 miles for the week by a couple. Maybe I will make them up tonight. Tomorrow I plan to do 12K although I won't be running B2B. I will do it by my house to celebrate the B2b which is a crazy spectacle.

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