Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Montreal Part 1

Day 1

Our ride- had to walk to it. I felt special like a world leader because they never seem to use jetways to get onto planes. When was the last time you saw a president or royalty using a jetway? Never. Yeah i thought so. :)

In da tiny plane. Like a G6...

We walked about 7 miles and saw a lot of downtown Montreal. It is a beautiful, clean city and everyone speaks french! I took 3 years of french in High school. I cannot speak it now because I learned Spanish and am learning Portuguese (and who the heck speaks french in Florida?) and those destroyed any ability I had to speak French. However, I can still read it, and that proved to be useful on more than one occasion.

Cathedral Notre Dame. WOW. This Cathedral is so ornate and beautiful.

(HDR photo - 3 photos combined into 1. light-medium-dark exposures)
I liked the statues on top of the buildings.
and not on top of buildings.

Im sure I was the 1st person to ever do that...
Brutopia was a nice way to refresh after walking all day. They brew their own beer! WHoo Hoo!

I had their Stout and their Cherry Wheat. YUM

(Me in my hoodie. A fashion faux pas haha)
The people in Montreal seem to care how they look. I didn't see anyone dressed in pajamas or looking totally sloppy- instead they wore colors, dresses, *gasp* and nice shirts, pants and heels *gasp* and looked great and fashionable. Perhaps this is normal outside the USA? (Mexico aside- where I lived for 2 years and most people wore shorts and t-shirts because its 100+ degrees 11 months of the year) But in other places Ive visited outside the USA (like Sweden, France, Germany etc), people care about their appearance. I also did not see many obese people in Montreal.Why are we so content to be comfortable here? Comfy doesn't have to mean sloppy....

Next up:

Mon Anniversaire! (my birthday to those non french speakers out there :)


  1. That cathedral looks amazing!! I can only imagine how breath taking it would be in person! Looks like you are having a blast! Happy birthday tomorrow!

  2. What great pictures!

    Happy Birthday!

  3. Awesome we are within a few days of each other in age! Sad to hear 29 feels old haha.
    I have always wanted to go to Montreal!
    I'm totally guilty of the sloppiness but I know what you're talking about :)

  4. OMG! I've been fooling around with HDR too. It's kicking my ass right now, but it probably because I'm not paying really close attention.

    Anyway, looks like a great trip!!!

  5. Wow, those cathedral pictures look amazing!

    Lol at imitating the statue pose, I would have done the same thing!

  6. It looks beautiful. I love a clean city!

  7. You look GORGEOUS in that last photo.

    Also I really liked your church photos too. Looks like a great trip!

  8. I love little peaks into others vacations! I wonder if the "care about how the look thing" is just for big cities. I bet people say that about Los Angeles, New York...people move to those vibrant cities to be seen and be social, often times.