Sunday, July 31, 2011

Week 10 Review- Chicago Marathon

Monday- Rest
Tuesday- 90 Minutes Bikram Yoga
Wednesday- 90 Minutes Bikram Yoga
Thursday- 90 minutes Bikram Yoga
Friday- 90 Minutes Bikram Yoga
Saturday- 8.5 miles, 1:19.00 With the CES Group
Sunday- maybe a run, maybe yoga or maybe nothing

Total: 6 Hours Bikram Yoga
8.5 Miles running

My philosophy on training for the Chicago Marathon has changed from 10 weeks ago when I started. Before it was, train smart- but push the pace a little to really see where I can go. Now, I try to take every day, one at a time and evaluate what I need to do to cross the finish line healthy in a few months. While running with the CES group on Saturday morning (9:00 pace group) I had already decided to just do what the half marathoners were going to run- somewhere between 8-10 miles instead of the 14-16 miles the marathoners were going to do. I just felt like crap during the run and decided to stop at 8.5 for the day. My calf/shin was starting to bother me and I felt sick and thought that there was no reason to push for another 2-3 miles. Currently, my calf/shin is bothering me, not bad- just very present and worse than the last few weeks. Perhaps it is because I havent been foam rolling-stick-TP therapy-compression as much as the past week.

This week I plan to do 5-7 yoga sessions, and do some nice slow runs of 5-7 miles, a "slow" 5K time trial on Wednesday with CES, and a long run on Saturday of 8 miles with 5x 30 second pickups.--only if the calf is okay. Maybe this will be the first week I actually complete a saturday workout with CES?

This week my daad came to visit Chicagoland. We bummed around and ate a lot of food and acted like tourists minus the stopping dead in our tracks in the middle of the busy sidewalk to gawk at something or take a photo or look at a map.
First stop was the Willis Tower (aka Sears tower)

Wonderful, Wonderful and I on the scary glass overhang.

My daad and I and Chicagoland.

Then we visited the Bean.

Then we saw the new Marilyn Monroe statue... Um yeah..
Look at that girl picking her nose in my photo.. RUDE!

After walking all over Chicagoland we went to Sheffield's for some BBQ and Beer.

I tried all 3 of the ESB style beers they had. All were delicious.

Wonderful, wonderful and his beer.

It was a great weekend with Daad. Next time i'll get him to come up for a 5k or half marathon.

What is your favorite style of beer? (stout, IPA, lager, etc)
-I love Stout. And IPA is growing on me.


  1. I think you are playing it smart by taking things day by day. So there are 10 weeks until race morning, plenty of time to make progress. I hate how it is so dang hard to get to the starting line of a marathon in one piece.

    Looks like you've had a lovely week.

  2. look at all the yoga! I think that although this wasn't the plan, you are going to have a good race in the end because you are training smart :) Maybe this is the universe's way of giving me more time to catch up to your pace so we can run together someday!

  3. Wow, you are crazy for yoga girl! I feel ya, I was just going to start training for a another 10k this September and all of a sudden I have a sudden pain on the outside of my lower ankle, thinking it might be peroneal tendonitis...lots of swimming for me this week!

  4. I didnt make it to the bean last year at marathon, but i definitely will this year and so excited for the marilyn statue to still be there as well!

  5. Glad you had a great weekend with your Dad!

    I think it's good you're listening to your body. It's great to have goals but sometimes you gotta step back & see the big picture. I should start doing more yoga...

  6. Sounds like it was a good week! I would continue to listen to what your body wants to do, it is clear that you are staying in great overall shape if you are doing daily 90 minute yoga sessions!

    Great pics of Chicago, I love that Marilyn Monroe statue!

  7. I would have a panic attack in those window-box things that stick out of the Sears tower. But I'm jealous you live in Chicago. Every day I pester my husband to move up there. So far, not working.

  8. You are SUPER sharp girl, good work on listening to your body and taking it easy when you need to. I know it must be super hard, but good idea, you'll be better off in the long run.

    I hope your calf/shin gets better ASAP, I'm sorry to hear that it's been acting up.

    You're right, the half was a really fun distance!

  9. Great job listening to your body, that can be so hard sometimes. That said I hope your shins heal up soon.

    Glad you had fun with your Dad, I have never been to Chicago but I have heard some great things about it and my husband is a Bears fan so maybe someday we will get there.

    I just love beer stout, lager, whatever I hardly ever drink it though so when we go out to eat I like to try a microbrew