Monday, July 25, 2011

Week 9 in review- Chicago Marathon Training

Week 9

Monday: Bikram yoga 90 minutes
Tuesday: Bikram Yoga 90 minutes (Didnt run with the other group due to the heat)
Wednesday: Bikram Yoga 90 Minutes (CES group was canceled due to the heat)
Thursday: 5 Miles, 42 minutes (running)
Friday: Bikram Yoga 90 Minutes @ 6AM
4 Miles, 44:30 (Run with the CB dog, It was HOT)
Saturday: Bikram Yoga 90 minutes
6 Miles, 52:30 (running on the tread) Dont eat spicy food when you know you will go run later...
Sunday: 15 Mile long run- 2:09:06 (on the tread)

Total Hours Yoga: 7.5
Total miles running: 30! The most miles i've run for this training cycle!!

Things I learned this week:

I think this is the first week I've worked out everyday, in a long time- or ever. I have also eaten really healthy this week. Im feeling good, and think I'm starting to see some results.

Got my Running Chic shirt in the mail that I won over at Christy's My Dirt Road Anthem. I wore it to my first yoga class and it was so comfortable! I got the Navy Alo tank, and am contemplating buying a few more very soon. Thank you Christy for randomly picking me :) (I love the Chic with the dog.. reminds me of CB and I)

Bikram yoga is AWESOME. The 1st day I had to lay down several times because it was hot, and intense. (studio is 105 degrees with 40% humidity) By the end of the week I could get through class without having to lay down. Ive never sweat so much in my life. By the end of the 90 minute class i'm literally drenched- as in jumped in the pool with my clothes on then caught out in the rain kind of soaked. It is so refreshing!

Nothing is more perfect after a long sweaty workout than Horchata. (rice almond drink)
Just like morning running, early AM yoga is super hard more challenging for me. My flexibility and coordination and balance are a little off in the morning- just as my early AM runs seem to take more energy to achieve the same pace that I easily run at in the PM's

The calf/shin thing is pain free while running now. If I start poking the "spot" on my leg, it is still tender- like a moderate bruise feeling- No pain unless I touch it. I should stop touching it now.

I am still having motivation issues. The Bikram Yoga has really changed my view on life and running (maybe a change in cross training was all I needed). I am less sour about marathon training, but still just want to run for fun. and HOLY CRAP! Im running the Rock n Roll Chicago Half Marathon in 3 weeks. OMG. (praying for a freak cold front to come through and drop the temperature to 45 degrees during the race)

My 15 miler was on the treadmill again. Saturday at 2am a really wicked lightning storm rolled thorough dumping 5-7" on Chicago. Poor CB was freaked the entire 2 hour duration of the storm and as a result I didnt get any sleep. When my alarm went off for Marathon group- I accidentally hit "off" instead of snooze and woke up at 5:45, 15 minutes before the group run. D'OH.

CB looking all kinds of crazy after my 15 miler today.Eh, we both look a little off in this photo. I have an excuse! lol

This week i'm looking forward to:
More Bikram Yoga!
Celebrating my wonderful, wonderful's birthday with him (all the cool kids are born in July!) haha
Getting to show my dad around Chicagoland for the weekend (and drinking yummy craft beers)
*and going to the CES group runs this week- especially the long run on Saturday.

 What are your favorite cross training activities?

Does your running club ever get canceled because of excessive heat? (my friends in Florida laugh at me for this- because its consistently 95+ everyday and 100% humidity there. I thought it was supposed to be hot in Chicago during the summer...I dunno)


  1. bikram is my choice as well. LOVE. I didnt realize how much i missed it (was out for 3 months).

    and no, i have to laugh...we never have group runs cancelled due to heat/humidity/heat index here in Houston. We'd never run from May - September if that were the case :O) it'll be 100 here today (normal for July) with about 60% humidity at the afternoon (less humid then :) so i ran this morning and will run the remainder (speed) on the treadmill after work.

  2. I just started yoga myself and it really makes a difference with my running! I tried Bikram once, and it was INTENSE! Keep up the good work, girl!

  3. Yay for a good week! Here's to another great week for you!

    I hope to start some early morning Yoga once I get back to Napa...I did it in college and it just made me feel so good!

    btw, your dog looks crazy fake in that picture!

  4. You really knocked it out of the park with the yoga this week! My gosh, I'm am mighty impressed. Every week my goal is to try to get 1 session in and I always fail, and dang you got in 5. Oh and 30 miles of running!

    I'm glad the calf is getting better, stop poking it! Ha that probably just makes you want to poke it more.

    CB looks stuffed there.

  5. I'm glad you had a good week! I can't believe the Rock n' Roll half is in 3 weeks...the marathon will be here before we know it.

    I lived in FL for 6 years and I think it's hilarious how crazy people get about the heat around here.

  6. Love that photo of you and CB. So cute! I don't think you look 'off' at all, just maybe a little dazed. :-)

    I just love Christy too! I got some hair bands from her a few weeks ago!

    Way to go on the exercising! i'm upping my game this week. Although it's going to be hard to get in my runs being that I have to leave for work at 6:30...that'd mean I have to get up at 4:30 to run. yikes.

  7. You are going all in on bikram yoga! I just started back doing regular yoga last week, I'm going to try to do it once a week or so. I find that yoga uses a lot of the same exercises that I do now as part of my rehab routine. (lunges, squats, warrior 3, plank, tree, etc)

    That shirt is indeed hilarious, if that shirt is not you and your Dad then I don't know who it is!

    As for training, I would just follow what you want to do. No use forcing anything. But you are in great shape, so it seems like whatever you do is fine.

  8. Dang girl, you are a yoga machine!

    I love biking. And sometimes yoga. On another note, I think somehow I unfollowed you (by accident!!) and thus never saw any of your latest posts. So...umm....I'm back. Hah. Sorry I'm a technical blogger failure. :)

  9. I saw that Ryan Hall visited Fleet Feet sports in old town Chicago today or yesterday, did you have a chance to go see him?