Monday, October 24, 2011

Getting back on track

Last week:

Monday- ran 7 miles in 54:30
Kind of surprised myself with the time by alternating 1 song at 8:30 pace then the next at 8:00-7:30 pace.

Tuesday- 45 minutes of cycling-elliptical. I also walked by the occupy wall street protectors by accident. Ugh.

Wednesday- 5 miles 39:30

Thursday- 35 minutes xtraining

Friday- 30 minutes x training, then dinner cruise.

It was beautiful out. Just not a fan of mediocre food and doing the electric slide with strangers. (it was a Groupon I bought from a while back. Not sure what I was thinking when I bought it)

Saturday- nice 5 mile run with the wonderful wonderful. I'm really hoping we can run together more often. :)

Things were going well getting back into marathon training, but Saturday night it all came to a screeching halt when I puked up my delicious lunch.

We got beef kabobs from whole foods and cooked them on the grill at our apartment. Not sure if it was dehydration, bad food from the cruise, eating too much red meat when I usually don't eat any, or some combo of all of those possibilities that led to my destruction Saturday night. The weather was perfect and I just wanted to go run outside Sunday. It was torture. I'm fine now. :)

Sunday- rest. (supposed to be a longish run of 15 miles) went out to breakfast and brought CB with us. He was very happy to join us and eat our extra food.

For this week, I'm going to remember the post I wrote last week "how bad do you want it" and put it to use.

I'm not going to let myself be lazy with marathon training.

I'm also going to continue with my Rosetta stone Portuguese lessons.

No excuses.



  1. I would not be a fan of doing the electric slide with strangers either! Glad you are feeling better!

  2. I took one of those sinner cruises when inwas in college with some girl friends, I wanted to just ship midcruise.

    Your training is off to a great start, except for the whole barfing thing. You've gotten in some speedy runs! Haven't been running with the garmin since the marathon, I think I'm the opposite of you...glacial pace and barely breaking a sweat. The other day I was passes by a man that had to easily had to be in his 70's!

  3. Nice work girl! I think you are off to a great start and I love your motivation! Hope you are feeling better!

  4. Lol on walking by the occupy wall street protesters!

    That view did look pretty amazing of Chicago on the water, bummer that it wasn't more fun. Was it open bar or just dinner and then you pay for drinks?

  5. Favorite photo = the champagne on the cruise. Jealous!

  6. 14 weeks til the marathon? you have plenty of time to be lazy methinks.

    I love the alternating songs-with-speed workout. Great idea! I do that with commercials sometimes on the treadmill (slow down for commercials). And when I was younger, I would swim laps in my parents little pool until 5 radio songs were finished. It's a great timing/pacing tool!