Tuesday, October 4, 2011

4 Dtg... Chicago marathon

Marathon #4 is just over 4 short days away. I am scared and excited for this race. The day I stop getting butterflies for these events, is the day I need to find something new to do.

My new Chicago marathon shirt that wonderful, wonderful got me from Niketown...
(me with the EL in case you are unfamiliar with the Chicago EL. It's Chicago's subway/metro system-- the routes are the colored lines on the shirt)
"Run Like EL" gotta hand it to Nike for being uber-creative :)

  • By Sunday at 12pm, I will have logged 530 running miles during this cycle. Not quite where I wanted to be...
  • 80.5 Cycle miles
  • Survived the infamous Calf/Shin problem that prevented me from running for 2+ months
  • The longest runs I did were 15 miles. This makes me nervous, but somewhat comforted after looking at the Hanson Marathon Program. (Their longest runs top out at 16 and my training looked similar to their schedule. Not on purpose.)
  • Nearly all of my runs were negative split/ finish stronger runs. This makes me confident.
  • A 1:48 PR half marathon, and an "easy" 1:53 half in hotter weather. Confidence boosters for sure.
  • I'm nervous about hitting mile 21.9 I should realize that the vast majority of my miles were "quality" and for me, had a purpose. At least, that's what I keep telling myself. I just don't know what is going to happen.
  • A "3" in front of my time would make me happy as a clam. What the heck does that even mean?
  • My dad (with my wisdom) realized he could use this race as a BQ for 2013. Subsequently it has now possibly gone from "fun run with my dad" to "something a bit more stressful." It all started when he mentioned we could follow a pace group for 3:55, his new BQ time. I said- well,,, you can count it for 2013. I guess he thought it wouldn't count. Crap. What have I done?!?
  • The new debate is 3:50 or 3:55 pace group. I vote 3:50 right now. That is surely subject to change. But with my training, and my daad's training at the hottest parts of the day in Florida (his favorite time to run), I think we could pull off a 3:50ish marathon since it will be relatively nice weather unless it has changed since the last time I checked 23 minutes ago.
  • I am looking forward to getting this race over and moving onto seriously training for the Miami Marathon,and running (and potentially BQ'ing) with my best friend Tribu. The fire is lit under my butt to train hard to be able stay with her during the race. NO EXCUSES!!!

What marathon training plans have you used? Anyone out there use a lower mileage/ higher intensity program like Hanson and have good results??


  1. oh and the happy as a clam thing...i have no clue where that came from, but i would like to know!


  2. You can do this!

    I used Hal Higdon's plan but I just wanted to finish. I am sure your plan will work. The real key is consistency and I think you are there.

  3. I'm using the Hanson-Brooks plan for Cal International Marathon in December -- although the long runs do top out at 16 miles, it's definitely NOT a low mileage plan, which is why the 16 mile long runs work. Essentially, you go into your 16 mile long run exhausted enough from the high weekly mileage that you're running the LAST 16 miles of the marathon, not the first. Alas, it's the first time I've used it, so I can't tell you anything about the results yet. I'll get back to you on Dec. 5!

    Good luck!!

  4. I love that shirt! I want one! Training never goes as planned, but you made the most of it with what your body gave you and became a fierce fighter. I think that shooting for 3:50 is a great goal. I've tried the lower mileage high intensity training before and for me it wasn't a success, but that is only because I convinced myself towards the end of the cycle that I should have ran more miles and broke my mental focus. I think that any training you choose will be successful as long as you believe in yourself and the process.

    Can't wait to start celebrating the weekend and meet you on Saturday.

  5. Great job on the half marathons, I love confidence boosters! I say go with the 3:50 pace group, you can always reevaluate later!


  6. Awesome shirt...thanks for the preview of what I'll be able to buy this weekend :). I agree with Christy start with the 3:50 pace group and adjust as necessary...run your own race!

  7. girl, i'm excited for you!! do butterflies every stop before big races? i still get them before 5k's even.. i just love races. i think that's awesome that you are getting to run with your dad and can potential lead to BQ for him... good luck to you both!

  8. You're gonna be great!! I just know it!

    And I can't wait to hear about how you did!!!

  9. Wooohoooo! Maybe I'll see you there! I can't make your guys' meet-up, but I'll keep my eyes out for you! I'll be with a tall, much faster-looking-than-I redhead!

  10. That shirt is indeed awesome - I liked using the El when I visited Chicago back in 2005, haha

    You will do great at Chicago, you had a strong training plan, just go with what your body feels like! That is awesome that you are running the race with your Dad, that seems like a lot of fun.

    I do wish I could do Chicago as well, but alas it wasn't in the cards. Hopefully I'll be able to run it someday. I appreciate the comment, it would be fun to meet you too to talk about all things Chicago Marathon =) I feel like I know more Chicago and Utah runners compared to any other area of the US.

  11. OH you can TOTALLY do the 3:50 pace group, I am confident in you!

    I was thinking of you today, I'm sending good pre-race thoughts your way!!