Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October 2011

En numeros:

15- the minutes by which I smashed my Marathon PR!! at the Chicago marathon.

5- the number of photos I like that marathonfoto took.

1- the number of photos I might buy.

101- miles run in October. I'll take it considering taper weeks, post marathon weeks and loads of speedier miles the last few weeks.

32.5- the number of miles run last week.
( M-5, W-8, S-5, Sun-14.5)

14.5- (2:11) the longest run I had. And it was outside on the lakefront!

2- the # of layers I had on. (jacket and long sleeve)

45- the temp at the start of my run.

2- the number of miles in when I felt way too hot. Lesson learned.

8:30-9:40 my range of mile splits for the long run.

20mph- the headwinds I encountered for the remaining 6.5 miles which kicked my a$$ and slowed me down considerably.

14.83- the number of miles logged on the stationary bike last week.

2- number of cupcakes eaten.

1- new way CB lays on the couch.

1- the number of times the fountains at the Daley center changed color to celebrate something. (Halloween)

1- the number of new blurb books I created.

Looking forward:

1 race to run this month, a 5k turkey trot!

1- race to register for (Santa hustle) Britt, you convinced me. What could be more fun than running in a potential blizzard while wearing a Santa hat, beard and shirt?! :)

150-200 miles for November.

0- injuries. (fingers crossed)

What are your November goals? Do you have anything you're looking forward to?



  1. Those are some impressive numbers....you are going to smoke these upcoming races...but most importantly you're going to do so well with your next marathon (Miami, right?)

    20mph headwinds sound miserable, running in the wind is ridiculously miserable. My run on Saturday had some bad winds mixed in.

    Annnd I think both of those marathon photos are super cute!

  2. goals in November? make it through the next 2 long runs without hating running before taper hits again! oh and not to kill anyone as I back off and hopefully eliminate Diet Coke from my body!

    and would it be too much to hope that I make it through Thanksgiving without crying?

    good job on the mileage!! i might do our turkey trot too if the weather cooperates.

  3. Great job on the mileage and paces! You are doing fabulous!

    I love how CB sits on the couch.

    My November goal, start running again!

  4. Yay for the Santa Hustle! It will be worth it, hopefully! Love the peace sign you are shooting so calmly in that first pic, wish I looked that composed in running photos. The winds were mighty fierce this past weekend weren't they? Just a icky taste as to what will be in the mix for the next few months.

    Daly Plaza has an amazing Christkindle mart that they set up for the Christmas season that you need to check out, it is so much fun.

    Love CB's couch position. I think if I had that view behind my couch I may sit the same way.

  5. I love that race picture you look like they hired you to do it. I haven't really set any November goals. Mostly just to keep running. I have been holding steady about 25 miles a week. Maybe a 5k on Thanksgiving.

    Great job with October!

  6. Impressive numbers! Especially the 15 minutes you broke your marathon PR by!

    Seems like you did have some good pics from the Chicago Marathon, that is great!

    lol on the Santa 5K!

  7. i love posts all about the numbers. :) october was good to you.. i'd still be floating high cause of that marathon PR! :) and pretty chicago pics!