Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hips don't lie

Is it me, or do a lot of runners seem to be having hip problems lately?

2 weeks ago I did an 8x 800 @ 7:00 pace and felt great. The day after, my hip was tight and very sore. I ended up taking the rest of the week off (minus some stationary bike)- because I have no desire to repeat what happened during my Chicago marathon training. (I ran the soldier field 10 in may, my calf cramped up/ shin hurt and I continued running hard on it for a week or 2. Then I was in so much pain I couldn't run for a few months.)

This is the third time in about 6 weeks my right hip has been sore. 1st time was a few weeks before the Chicago marathon. I just thought CB pulled me and I tweaked it. 2nd time was during/after the marathon. Thought it was because of the blisters on my feet altering my stride. 3rd time was the past weeks speed session. After some brief research, it turns out as runners, our hips (muscles) are one of the most important for our running and most neglected muscle groups. If you have weak hip muscles it can cause knee problems and hip problems, and bad running form.

To remedy this situation I bought some resistance bands. Target had some "professional" quality ones- for about $10. There were 3 in the box- light, medium, and a much stronger band. The light one was too weak for me so I use the medium for all of my exercises.

I do 10 repeats on each leg before moving to the next exercise.
- leg out to the side
-leg to the front
-lift leg/ knee to the chest.

This week I'm happy to report no hip pain!

This week I did:
Monday- 7.33 cycle miles 30:00, 1 tabata

Tuesday-6 miles 59:00, hills. 800's @3.5 incline

Lazy arse day :(

Am 7.2 cycle miles- 30:00, 1 tabata
Pm- 9 miles 1:10:50

6 miles with 6x 800 @ 7:00 pace

8 miles

13 miles 1:50

Not quite the 50ish I had planned, but I'm happy to be running faster miles without any pain.

10 days until I race my first 5k in over a year.

76 days until #5, ing miami marathon.

Have you had hip pain? What did you do to help strengthen your hips?



  1. Thanks so much for the nice thoughts about my marathon! I feel completely fine now, which is great. Quads are very tired today, I've been having to go down the stairs backwards :)

    Great tips on strengthening hips, I would love to work more on that as well. I take some good core classes at the gym that I hope will help with my hips.

  2. Sorry your hip has gotten the best of you again, pesky darn hips. I've been doing some of those same hip exercises lately at home with my bands, hopefully it'll all pay off in the end. Hope that you got to enjoy some of the nice weather this week. You still got some really great mileage in even with a tweeky hip, keep doing those exercises and nursing it.

  3. Yes, I have had hip pains in the past. I spent a lot of time in PT for that but you are on the right track. They had me doing the exercises you are doing1

  4. Hip injuries are one of the most common injuries in runners! I am living proof. :) It's crazy how a weak hip can cause so many problems! Good luck! Get those hips strong!

  5. SO far I have been very lucky and have not had hip pain just knee, shin, and foot pain and lower back. I hope my hips keep on behaving!

    I hope your hips start behaving soon too!

  6. My hips get a little sore from time to time, but nothing major. It's pain-that-alters-gait that I worry about! I feel like minor aches and pains come with the territory, sometimes

  7. Sorry to hear that your hips aren't behaving recently - resistance bands really do work. When I had runners knee I did this rehab workout once a day, and it really helped. I actually just did it last week for the first time in a while - I realize that I need to do it more often.

    -balance on 1 leg, leg abduction with other leg with theraband - 15 reps
    -step forward and backwards with band around ankle - 10 reps
    -calf stretch - 30 sec hold
    -hamstring stretch - 30 sec hold
    -bridge with abduction with band - 10 reps
    -bridge with abduction single leg raise - 10 reps
    -lunge holds - 10 reps with 10 sec hold
    -plank - 45 sec hold
    -plank on side - 45 sec hold
    -perpendicular stepups - 10 reps
    -dead lift - lean over to flex hip - 10 reps
    -groin stretch - 30 sec hold
    -hip flexor stretch - 30 sec hold
    -foam roll marching - 10 reps
    -20 pushups

  8. flipping hips!!! they are the root of all running injuries. All. And for the love of running, I can never get myself to strengthen them. I'm going to take note of these other comments...