Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful gobble gobbles day


For a new 5k PR by 3 and a half minutes!! 22:18, 3rd in my AG, 11th woman of 968. (and a sweet hand painted mug for my AG placing!)

For my ability to run and inspire people around me to be healthy.

For my wonderful wonderful who comes with me on these crazy adventures and runs races when it's early and freezing out. I love you.

For my precious Churro Bear. He brings me many smiles.

For my Pa'ad. Thanks for inspiring me to run. I'll beat your 5k time next year.. Only 1:15 to go! Haha

For my mom. It's been a great trip to see you!

For cerveza, cerveja, Beer. Nothing quenches my thirst better than you. Ok maybe some genucan post workout first.

For beautiful scenery.

And Willis- which always is a pleasure to look at when I get home.

I'm also thankful for this wonderful blogging community. You guys and gals rock!

Happy turkey gobble gobbles day!


  1. Great job Xaar on a PR and a 3rd place in your AG! Love the mug! Great things to be thankful for :)

  2. Great job at the race! I love the bling you can drink from.

    And your pictures are awesome!

  3. Woohoo congrats on your 3rd in your age group, I am so proud of you. I knew you'd get an awesome PR and you did not disappoint :)

    When I ran out in Santa Fe in the spring, they gave out hand made mugs too and I love mine. Makes me proud to use it haha.

  4. Congrats on your PR! Looks like you've had a wonderful holiday!

  5. Wowzers you were on fire yesterday! Congrats on your 5k! Hope your holiday was wonderful.

  6. Great job on a new PR! You are amazing!

  7. that mug is so cool, and so is your PR. Huge! what a great reason to celebrate with some good food and family

  8. Congrats on the 5K PR! I also thought that you had a PR in the bag!