Friday, January 6, 2012


This weekend will be my last "long run" before the Miami marathon in 3 weeks. I'm actually looking forward to running the 18+ miles outside and enjoying the crazy beautiful weather that has descended on Chicagoland lately.

This run is bittersweet because I'm finally starting to enjoy these sessions. There is something therapeutic about going on auto pilot for a few hours and enjoying the scenery, sounds and smells around you. I also enjoy reflecting on my training and thinking about the future while on longer runs.

I'm hoping tomorrow brings peace about whether or not I should pursue another marathon this year in the spring to achieve a BQ, and Fall if I fail in the spring. This marathon training has been a good speed/ base building towards my future running goals no doubt about it. And I'm excited to see how my half marathon times improve with the speed work and consistency I've been putting in. but, my shin has been acting up again and I've had to replace some running workouts with hilly stationary bike workouts lately.

The big question is do I really want to put my family through another 12+ weeks of me ranting about training, injuries, and talking incessantly about running? (and will this shin pain just go away once and for all!?!) - xaar


  1. Shin pain is a pain. I know. I have battled it myself. I am sure that if you go with your gut you will find the right answers about your coming races. Just trust yourself.

    Have a great long run and may the weather shine on you.

  2. Best of luck, lady! I am definitely not running as far as you tomorrow but I am SO excited to enjoy this amazing weather! Sending you good vibes!

  3. That is a toughie. My half training drives my husband nuts I can't imagine how much worse it would be with a full marathon!

    Enjoy the run this weekend and the lovely weather!

  4. hope that tomorrow's weather is just as lovely as todays was. i like that you are taking some time to think about your race schedule and how it effects those around you. sometimes i selfishly just register for races and don't think about how my hubby has to commit to another training session and how things are once again about me. so bad at forfetting this...

  5. Enjoy the 18 miler! During marathon training my favorite runs were always the long one's, it was just exciting to run that far. Good luck at Miami!

    Yea, that Stanford game was a brutal finish. Andrew Luck really is amazing, I will really mis not having him at Stanford next year. I think he will have an amazing NFL career.

  6. Good luck tomorrow! CB, per usual, is adorable. Hope your shin gets feeling better!

  7. I miss marathon training for precisely the reasons you list. And my family doesn't miss it for precisely the last item you mention. :-)

  8. Oh I totally thought I'd already commented on this post, but I couldn't remember if I had.

    You'll totally BQ this year if you keep at it. I say go for it with the spring marathon, you'll have such a great fitness level to work with! Just make sure you rest for a week or two after your upcoming marathon and you'll do awesome!