Friday, January 13, 2012

Slushy white stuff

We had our first real winter storm yesterday. I was completely mesmerized by the snow falling and blowing around outside my window at work. It just kept falling and never seemed to stop.

Snowy bike!

Icicles hanging from the roof.

Some of the signs were completely covered.

As well as the trees.

Now it's super cold and walking to work was a slushy slippery mess. 3- the number of times I almost ate pavement because my boots don't have proper traction.

My new pumped up kicks! I'm hoping that since they are "stability" they will help prevent the over pronation that I do which is causing my shin to hurt. The first run in them went well, but it will be a slow process to get rid of this shin pain. Not sure if I trust these new shoes for my marathon in 2 weeks yet.

And I'm super duper excited to follow the marathon trials tomorrow. I'm rooting especially for Desi and Meb, but I'm also incredibly inspired by all the runners participating.

And also a big shout out to June who is volunteering at the trials saturday and then running the Houston marathon Sunday. Good luck lady!!!

Who are you cheering for in the Olympic marathon trials?

I'm really mad that they aren't broadcasting it live!

- xaar


  1. I'm bummed about the weird broadcast too, but I'll be watching at 3 pm for sure!

  2. It's been so gorgeous, hasn't it? Hope you're enjoying the snow and staying warm!

  3. gorgeous snow photos, love it!

    but of course major boo to having to walk in it.....

    I watched the trials yesterday, it was super inspiring. Makes me want to train really hard.

  4. The snow is so pretty! I definitely don't like being in it though. :)