Monday, January 16, 2012

My 3 wishes for Miami

1. That the hip-groin pain I currently have goes away. It flared up on Saturday after my run and now it's painful to walk until it warms up. (getting up from extended periods of sitting at my desk is excruciating for the first few steps) It might be from sitting weird on the couch post long run last week because it hasn't bothered me in a few months up until then.

2. My 2nd wish is to come up with a realistic- challenging goal for the Marathon next week. I don't want to underestimate my abilities, but I Also don't want to crash and burn at mile 17. BQ is out for this race, but if I'm at the start healthy next week, A 20 minute PR might be within reach.

3. My 3rd wish is entirely out of my control. I wish for it to be mid 40's to low 50's at the start of the race. Since it starts at 6am, those temps should provide optimal race environment. (plus even if it's on the "warm side",I'll hopefully be finished before 10am). I also wish for no snow storm to delay our flight to Miami.

I'm happy because the shin pain I've been experiencing for the past few weeks disappeared. Really strange. But the hip-groin pain has taken its place :( I'm thinking a nice warm soak and some foam roller-TP therapy massage will get me healthy in a few days, and I'll be as good as new.

Anyone use KT tape for Running ailments?

I bought some to put on my shin for the race, but now I'm thinking it could help the pain in my hip if it lingers on..

Less than 12 days until #5!

- xaar


  1. Best of luck as you taper these next few weeks! I hope the hip pain disappears quickly!

  2. I wish you the best of luck in Miami. I am sending healing vibes so you can feel better real soon!

  3. Wow...number are a rockstar! I'm sure if you rest and taper enough your hip pain should be good for the marathon...can't say you won't be able to walk after but that doesn't matter right ;)!

  4. The hip pain you are having/had is the same as mine! It feels worse after I've been sitting at my desk all day at work. Twinsies.