Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Frustrated short fuse

The last 4 weeks I've taken off running minus the Miami marathon.

The hip groin still is not 100% and I just can't bring myself to run until its better. Cycling doesn't do it for me. I like cycling 2 times a week at most and running 4-5 days a week. But all I do is cycle currently. Ugh

During the Miami marathon I had an epiphany. I realized I actually like to run, to run. I don't need races to "motivate" me into training. Although I really enjoy races to see how I've improved at different distances.

Photo from Jason C of the Brandon running association

All I want to do is go for a run.

I feel so much more short fused right now. I feel frustrated. I feel anxious.

Good thing is I'm "running" the inaugural Rock n Roll St Pete half marathon this weekend. It will be a nice diversion to get out of Chicagoland with WW and see my dad, Tribu and other friends.

We signed up for this race shortly after new years. I was hesitant because of the marathon 2 weeks prior. But currently I'm 100% recovered minus the hip groin thing- its much better, but still needs some time before I start training again for anything.

So this weekend, I'll get a small "running fix" and hopefully this crap will be behind me soon so I can look towards shamrock and whatever else gets thrown on the platter for 2012.

I cant wait to run with my wonderful, wonderful in my old home town area and enjoy the experience. (which we will get to repeat when he runs his first marathon in Chicago this year!)

So while I'm incredibly frustrated I can't run all out this weekend, I know it's better for the healing of this injury I've been dealing with. And I get to have the best company for the 13.1 mile journey.

How do you deal with injury? How do you keep your mind clear?

I'm crankypants anxious can't wait to run again.

- xaar


  1. Take it as a fun run with your man! No better way to bond. Hopefully your rest and recovery continue to go smoothly so that you are back and ready to rock it like a rockstar this fall, and so we can maybe get in another run together soon!

  2. Have a great 1/2 this weekend! Tappan used to live around St. Petersburg, that's a great town.

    When I was injured, spin classes got me through the feelings of anxiety and dread....

  3. I get all crankypants when I can't run too. Hope your half goes great this weekend! I wish there were more races close to me this time of year. #jealous!

  4. I become a huge crankypants as well. However, not that I have my lifting routine back I do get much better.

    Have a great time at St. Pete!

  5. Oh man I'm jealous of all your trips to warmer weather!!

    Enjoy running with your man in the nice weather and just have FUN!

  6. bummer on the injry. hopefully this st pete weather will be better than that miami crap. lol! hope to see you again but not just during the race. ;)

  7. I've never had to deal with injury...but when something hurts and I can't run, I don't mind. I don't know why, I'm just that way I guess.

    Break a leg this weekend and ENJOY the race with WW! :)

  8. Best of luck this weekend! I hope you are able to just enjoy the race and the gorgeous weather! :)