Monday, February 27, 2012

Last week and this week

Last week:

44 miles cycled on the stationary bike. Including my longest of 15.65 miles in 60 minutes. My bum hurts.

CB and I took a walk yesterday to enjoy the beautiful weather.

We went to the grant bark park where he had fun chasing a tennis ball. (he would have preferred the frisbee, but the park is concrete and would tear his paws up)

I love seeing him so happy :)

This week

With the conclusion of my 8.1 mile cycle workout this morning, I hit 300 miles for 2012. Its probably the most consistent I've ever been, but since 2/3 of the miles are from cycling, I would like to see a higher number.

Tonight is the Nike run loud event at Fleet Feet Sports, which is the kickoff to the Shamrock Shuffle. The event features group runs of 3-5 miles and some more info about run Nike Loud- I think there is some sort of bracelet involved. It also integrates with Facebook to provide training updates- as if I already don't overload my friends with running crap. Lol

So today I read my horoscope.. I don't believe in that stuff, but thought this one was interesting.

So if there was any doubt in my mind as to if I should attend the group run, my horoscope today squashed all negativity towards it. I've never been a fan of large group running. I like running solo most of the time, and joining others as a nice change every so often.

Tonight I plan to run an easy 3 miles with the group to test my wonky hip. It will be the first run in over 2 weeks and I'm pretty darn excited about it.

I bet when I'm done I'll have a big smile like him :)

How was your weekend? Anything exciting planned for this week?

- xaar


  1. I am not really a joiner either but have found group running to be pretty fun. I hope you enjoy it!

  2. Love love happy puppy dog pictures! I took my pup on my 6 miler yesterday and smile every time I would look ahead and see her determination to keep running in front of me :).

  3. Love all the great pictures of CB, he looks so happy! Hope your wonky hip is feeling less wonky and more normal. I didn't do anything too exciting over the weekend, but I did clean my pantry, it was a bad bad mess!

  4. Best of luck with tonight's run!

  5. never have I wanted anyones dog more. LOVE CB :) <3 and my moms a cancer - july 22nd!

  6. It's funny that the thing that hurts the most for me after spin classes--- is my butt!

  7. Ahhhh, look at his smile!!! What a happy lil' guy!!! too cute!

    Hope your run went great and your hip is good!!