Monday, July 16, 2012

A good sweat

My best friend, my Hambear.

This past Sunday my precious running buddy, CB had his teeth cleaned and also some surgery to remove a growth I discovered in his mouth a few weeks ago. I was an emotional wreck all day. A run on the tread didn't help me calm down at all as I anxiously awaited the Doctors call about what the best thing to do about the growth was- as well as the call to say CB was coming out of anesthesia.

As I counted the minutes until I had to leave to walk to the vet, I watched the rebroadcast of Ironman Kona 2011. And cried my eyes out at the end. I dare you to watch it and not feel/show any emotion!

The mass was sent to a lab and now we are anxiously waiting to find out if it was benign or something much much worse. I'm trying to calm myself with the fact that CB has been acting completely normal and that his bloodwork came back clean at the vet. I really hate waiting. Like really really hate it.

This pup has transcended Dogdom. He is something so much more than a 4 legged furry beast. He is my confidant, he always makes me smile with his puppy like antics (he's 7.5 years old!), and has been there for me more than most of my friends. My Hambear, I can't imagine life without him.

I am consumed with so much emotion lately that it's hard to focus on anything.

Running 8.6 miles tonight in the 95+ degree heat was therapeutic. There is something so natural about getting outside, moving and sweating. By the end of the run I was drenched with sweat and felt like a big portion of the emotional load I've been carrying had been lifted off of my shoulders.

Sometimes a good sweat will do wonders for the psyche.

- xaar


  1. Oh man, this post brought some tears to my eyes as I'm going through something with my pup right now not exactly knowing what might be wrong (not life threatening thank god!). It really really really sucks that our dogs have to age much faster than us right?? I'll be thinking super healthy thoughts until you get your results back!!

  2. I love your photos of CB...they are great. I hope you get good news very soon! I hate waiting as well.

  3. ohhh, i am so sorry you have to go through that! waiting is the worst part of anything. I know what you mean by "transcending dogdom" I really hope CB is 100% ok! take some time for yourself too, worrying about our pups is stressful!!

  4. I hope CB is okay! I caught the last 1/2 hour of Kona coverage as well and even though I've already seen it was also crying. Its so inspiring watching it!

  5. I hope everything comes back okay!!! I love hearing about the relationship you two have. I love it when people connect with animals that way :)

  6. My prayers go out to you and CB!!! Please keep us posted as soon as you hear any word! I very much understand how you must feel - I had a number of cats when I was growing up that I was so attached to, and it was awful when they got hurt or sick. =( Waiting really is the worst. But I am sending healthy vibes your way!!!