Monday, July 2, 2012

Who do I run with?

Maggie at Mag Mile Runner's photo challenge for this past week was Your running group. Who do you usually run with? A running club? A group run at a store? A buddy? Your dog? No one? Whatever, take a picture of it, even if it’s just you looking lonely.

Usually I run by myself. I enjoy the solitude and the ability to get lost in my thoughts as I cruise the lakefront.

Lately, I've been running with my wonderful, wonderful more. He is training for his first marathon- Chicago! I enjoy doing some of my easy runs with him. I'm so proud of him and the progress he is making :)

Sadly, it's too hot to continue running with my precious CB. Once the temps drop below 67, we'll be back out there hitting the pavement together again.

Sometimes I get the extra special treat of running with my Daad. We've run several marathons and 5ks together over the years- he always beats me! Unfortunately he won't be running for a while due to finally getting diagnosed with a meniscus tear in his knee- which he has likely had for a few years. He will go through surgery in a month to hopefully repair it and make him good as new so we can run the Boston Marathon (if I qualify in the fall) next spring.

I also get to run with 5,000 of my closest "single serving" friends sometimes.

- xaar


  1. I tend to mostly run with my dog. My husband used to run with me a little but hasn't for awhile. :(

  2. Love it!!! How awesome that your boyfriend is training for Chicago - it must be so great to share the experience of marathon training with him! I bet CB is eagerly and anxiously anticipating the next opportunity to go running with you, too! I wish your father a speedy recovery from his injury. I also wish you a continued strong recovery from any lingering hip pain! You are SO going to qualify for Boston this fall, and I am really looking forward to hearing all about it when it happens!!!!!!!

  3. I think its so great that your dad runs! My family thinks i am crazy. I am excited for the cool fall weather to get here so that waffles can start running with me!

  4. I usually run by myself too, unless I'm running recovery miles and I don't care about pace. The lakefront is the best place to think. Your dog is so cute!