Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Old bones don't recover quickly

My ChurroDog has gotten a clean bill of health! The growth in his mouth was benign!!! I'm over the moon happy :) and now he is back to his spunky self.

30 is not old, but man am I feeling it more and more each day. Haha

Some workouts take longer to recover from than what I remember from a few years ago. But perhaps I really wasn't pushing myself enough then.

And now enter my new problem: I'll call them "phantom injuries." I've been running about 3-4 months solid now without incident. But for the past few weeks I've encountered these phantoms that come and go out of nowhere.

Last week, post birthday run I thought something was wrong with my hamstring. It felt like a bruise and was tender to move and sit. 2 days later it vanished. Never had a problem like that before. And haven't had it since.

Last week post 10 x 800's, my right foot started hurting- like where the big toe meets the foot. It would only hurt when pushing off to walk or run. After 3 days it was gone. I have experienced this a few times before- most memorable instance being the 2011 Chicago marathon. Not sure if it is my soft Nike lunar racers + hard running causing this annoyance, but I am starting to see a pattern with those two.

This week I ran a nice 8 mile run with a hard 5 in the middle. Post run I sat on my yoga mat and played with my pup for a bit. When I got up, my knee felt off. No pain, but when I bent it, the outer side felt very tight. It has now lasted into the next day- and currently is still bothering me, but much less. I have a feeling it will go away soon much like my other phantoms. I doubt it's ITB since I've never had that issue before, and there is no pain.

I'm starting to think that sitting awkwardly post hard run or long run makes muscles cool down in an incorrect position, causing pain for a few days until it sorts itself out.

I really need to stop doing this.

Or need to remember I'm "old" and can't expect my body to bounce back without some consequence post hard effort.

- xaar


  1. Yay and congrats for your pup!!

    I noticed that when getting older, things like "stretching" and "cross training" come more and more important as our bodies aren't as resilient as they once were. I've encountered some random phantom injuries that ended up being related to dehydration (weird yet understandable in this heat).

  2. I have 3 doggies, all 8 years old. Both girls have quite a few fatty tumors and the male has bad knees. :o(

    1. :( pups give us so much unconditional love. Hope your guys are all doing well.

  3. Hooray for CB!!

    1. as i am 366 days away from the big 3-0, you are making me nervous, as i am already ache-y all the time. :)

    2. Do you think the heat/humidity has anything to do with it? I have been having weird aches and pains too for the past month or so. It's like one pain that jumps from place to place, and never stays long!

  4. So glad the news is good for CB! I find the older I get the more odd pains I have too. Welcome to the thirties!

  5. So happy CB is okay! YESSS!

    I have noticed that the more active I am after a run, the better I recover. Even though I want to sit down (okay... lay down). I hope your phatoms go away for good!

    1. The knee thing was gone when I woke up. No surprise there! I'll have to keep that in mind- move a bit more post workout before sitting.

  6. Good luck at RnR Chicago. Glad that CB is okay! Always scary when something is up with the dog children:).

  7. SO relieved about CB getting a clean bill of health!!!! HUGE SIGH OF RELIEF!!!!!

    And I totally hear you about the phantom injuries and just generally not feeling as resilient as before. But I've also learned to take much better care of myself now, too! And the most important thing is that those phantom injuries stay phantom - it's when they become nagging that I am ready to scream!!! But I am very inspired by the many stories I hear of folks running their first marathons in their 50s or 60s! Age really is just a number these days, which is a good thing!