Sunday, November 25, 2012

Grant Park Turkey Trot

Time: 24:18 (5th Fastest 5k since Athlinks started keeping track)
4th AG out of 100
18th Woman of 617
103rd of 1034 Participants.

Pre Race:

Race Day:
 Race Recap:

Bag Check was a cluster- 15 minute wait. "Warmed" up for 5 minutes as a result. Started out conservatively and never got passed (we were "chicking" everyone) , ok, maybe we got passed once by a 15 year old. Garmin was on "manual lap" by my mistake since the last time I used it was the Chicago Marathon, so no splits- but I'll go ahead and say they were even as even could be, negative possibly. Sprinted the last .1 uphill to the finish. WTF uphill finish?!?  We chatted the entire time and had a freaking blast running together while we couldnt feel our fingers or toes or faces. Im pretty sure my speech was slurred by the time we finished. Hello Hypothermia!  Somehow we both ended up 4th in our respective Age Groups, and top 18/19 women.  Obviously a smaller field for a Chicago style race. I am also proud of L for clocking one of his faster times in a 5K this year.

Overall a  fun time, and I finally felt ready to tackle a 5K at mile 2.78 of the race, once I was properly "warmed up." BRR.
Post Race:

Sorry CB, but antlers just look so adorable on you...

Next up: The Schiller Chiller 5k on 12/1. 

Currently praying for warmer temps.



  1. Congrats on a successful race! Looks like you had an amazing weekend to compliment it!

  2. The antlers are awesome! The temps were freezing yesterday, I don't know how you did it. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend! Sad when it has to end isn't it?

  3. Wow great race! Looks like fun times in the city! I love, love, love your owl hat. I have been on the hunt for a cute hat. I figure if I am going to have hat hair all day at work it might as well be from a cute hat:). CB is super cute in antlers. I bout froze to death at my half on Sat. too. I am not ready for winter at all.

  4. OMG, I love the pic of CB...LOL. And just awesome pics of the city. I wish I made it downtown more often!

  5. Damn you are so fast! Congrats on the kick ass time.

  6. Great race despite being cold. I have a 5K on 12/1 also. I am keeping my fingers crossed for warm (er) weather for both of us. Have a great week! :-)

  7. Love the antlers and congrats on your race!

  8. Congrats on 4th place and pacing yourself so well! Nice pics of the city!

  9. Hey speedster, nice 4th place in the age group. And BEST CB pic and caption ever!

  10. You have been doing awesome in races recently, nice job! And great parade pics!

  11. Looove your owl hat. And the pic of the lake from the Hancock. Those shadows are awesome!

  12. ahhhhh! You and CB have suck stylish headwear!!!!

  13. CB! Too cute!

    What a fun Thanksgiving long weekend with your man and Tribu! Congrats on your high AG placements!

    Only two days until Chiller!!!

  14. Sorry for the delayed response on this, I actually read this race recap the day you posted it but didn't respond at the time! CONGRATULATIONS on a absolutely FANTASTIC race!!! Despite all your claims of being out of shape and dealing with injury, you are still SO incredibly speedy. I am envious. =D

    Those antlers are too cute!!! And love the picture of you in the white jacket with the earmuffs - you look so stylish!!!

  15. Congrats on an awesome race! And as usual CB is freaking adorable.