Friday, November 2, 2012

October review

49 miles run.

I was expecting about 20, and was surprised to see 49. Then I remembered I ran the Chicago Marathon earlier in the month. :)

My ankle is still a little swollen, so I've been taking It easy on the running front. I started doing strength training after each of my runs which (is making me sore) but also seems to be helping my ITB tremendously.

I indulged in soft stinky cheese and farmers market bread. And it was freaking delicious.

Even went to a Barrel Aged Beer academy at the Goose Island brewery. Those types of beer I usually avoid, but was pleasantly surprised :)

I've had some nice runs with the Churro Dog this past month. We like cruising the lakefront on the weekends for 4-5 miles.

I dressed him up yesterday as a "mummy" for the Fido to go truck contest. After the photo was taken, he shook and all the toilet paper fell off. Needless to say He wasn't entered in the contest. He still got some yummy treats and got to see his "girlfriend"- a leggy blonde greyhound (the only dog he likes in our building.)

Next week he goes for surgery to remove a growth on his chest. :(

I'm sure he will be fine. But I'm still worried about my precious bear.

I haven't registered for a turkey trot yet. I'm leaning towards the Saturday one since I can walk to the start. I'm having a hard time registering since I'm not 100% yet and would want to race.

Happy November!!

- xaar


  1. Aww, I love his Mummy costume, too bad it didn't last long!

  2. You just can't go wrong with cheese and bread. It's always delicious! Ahhhhh, CB! So cute! Good luck to him on the surgery! Lots of get well vibes coming your way!

  3. I love that stinky, runny cheese. I especially like Époisses. It smells like the feet of angels. Great mummy costume on Churro Dog!

  4. Awww precious CB! I'm sure he will be fine! Pepper and I are sending positive thoughts his way!! (and yours too)

  5. That costume is great! Hope his surgery goes well.

  6. Oh CB as a mummy! I surprised he kept in on long enough for you to even take the picture...hilarious!

    I'll be thinking about you and your pup next week, I'm sure with how great shape he is in he'll recover in no time flat!

  7. Aww! I will be praying for your little guy:) Hope your ankle starts to feel better! I'm thkinking of you!

  8. The little man makes a cute mummy! Sorry about his growth, but its great that you noticed it before it turned into something severe. Prayers for him and a quick healing!

    Emailing you now about next Saturday!

  9. Love the mummy. Hope everything goes okay with the surgery. It amazing that you ran a marathon and then still managed to run 20 something miles when you are not 100%. You are pretty tough:).

  10. OMG. That costume is TOO cute! So bummed he has to go back in! Thinking about him!

    And happy strength is helping your ITB! :)