Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Not my best photos...

I really thought it was cool that the Get Lucky race posted photos of the participants to their Facebook page. Unfortunately, my photos are not too frame worthy... *they aren't the best,(from RnR Chicago) but are certainly no where near the worst.

I look puffed up and about 15lbs heavier here than I do in other photos...

Thankfully not so puffed up here.

You can probably tell what I'm thinking through the grimace. In case you can't, (the PG version) would go something like "wow running into the wind/sleet sucks. This is soooo fun. Can't wait to do this again. Yay running."

By Monday I felt so emotionally drained. I couldn't find my key before work and by the time I got to work realized I left my lunch at home on the kitchen counter. I almost broke down into tears. Found my key in my purse (figured it was there) and went back home to get my lunch. Luckily I live a mile from work. CB was so distraught when he saw me come home early, I almost considered not going back to work. But I did, and it was a busy day. Thankfully things have gotten better this week.

Maybe the time change/ weather had something to do with my depressive state. I am now a firm believer in Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Do the season changes/ time changes affect you?

-I never believed or even heard of  S.A.D. while living in California or Florida- but then again, we really only had 2 seasons there and they weren't too different.

- xaar


  1. These are about a million times better than any of my race photos thus far! Honestly, I think the first one just looks like the wind is blowing at you, which I'm guessing it was?

    Sorry your week got off to a rough start! SAD is definitely real, and it's hit me more than a few times over the years. I had been doing fine this winter, but now that winter is dragging on and it's colder/windier than it should be for spring, it's definitely been affecting my mood too.

  2. Your race photos are cute!

    Daylight savings totally kicked my rear this time. I don't know why. I must be getting old.....

  3. I never believed in the season thing either but I am convinced after this winter as well. It has to be the reason! Your photos are still good for race photos!

  4. starting to feel grumpy and just blah lately because its been so gray and cold, i've been a peach to live with lately...

    your photos are cute, and you don't looked puffed up! you look bundled up! and cold! looks like this weekend is just going to be another one of those magical and windy lakefront races. yippie. can't wait to see you tonight, hopefully a little bit of booze will snap you and i right out of the funk.

  5. Moving to NE made me a SAD person too!!! and race photos are almost never flattering.

    We have another winter blast coming this weekend, I think starting tonight. However this time around I dont mind. I am going to hole up in my house!!!

  6. I want to hear the non-PG version ;) Hee hee hee.

    I don't deal with SAD but know A LOT of people who do. And I think it's definitely real. I feel bad for the people who are really struggling this year, with our lingering winter. Maybe training for a fun 5K in May will cheer you up? :)

    P.S. I also think you look bundled up, not puffy ;)

  7. My jacket was even more puffed up than yours in one of the pictures you sent me! Anyway, once spring really starts (probably within the next 2 weeks) your SAD will be but a memory. There will be lots more light, warmer temps and people out and about. Just remember, your winter training will pay dividends once it warms up, don't worry!

  8. Winter is making me soooo crabby. SAD is real, I'm telling ya. I think your race photos are cute and I need one of those owl hats... like now.

  9. After living in Arizona- the cold and the dark are a constant annoyance to me. I have been extra whinny, cry baby lately and the only thing I can think it is is the weather. Today after running in the sunshine outside I felt a million times better- we are like flowers we need sunshine;).