Saturday, March 9, 2013

Too many cinnamon crumpets

Woke up this morning to "wintry mix" and I seriously considered doing my last long run before the "Get Lucky" half next week on the running machine. I had one cinnamon crumpet (like an english muffin) with butter and cinnamon sugar, and then took CB dog out. It was still "wintry mixing" outside so I ate another. A bit later I realized it was clear so I headed out the door for my run which was to be 14 miles with 5 x20 sec pickups last 2 miles, but because my hip flexor has been bugging me this week, I cut it to 11.11 miles in 1:38 . **No pain, but i can feel it when I walk. Maybe pissed it off by slipping on the icy pavement 9 times between Monday-Wednesday. Luckily, I didnt fall. Been using the TP ball to massage it.**

Eventually headed out the door when It seemed clear out, and felt the effects of eating dos cinnamon crumpets. FREAKING side stitch for like half the run. And while this run was meant to be an easy effort- so I have fresh legs for next Saturday, the side stitch definitely made me keep an easier than normal pace. And also the freaking ice field north of Oak st beach.  Then there was headwind on the way back. EXHAUSTING

Photo from last week's run with the Churro Dog. YAY for self timer!!

I bought some Pro Compression Shamrock Socks earlier this week and made the brilliant decision to wear them today. So glad I did, because now I probably wont wear them next week for the race because they seemed to rub my feet in all the wrong places. No blisters, but some "hot spots." I might give them one more chance this week- because the shoes I wore today- the Nike Pegasus Shield keep my feet very warm and sweaty because of the weather shield, my other shoes dont do that. (The socks are not lopsided, nor are my legs. I fixed the socks post photo, and pre run) 

I saw some more pancake ice in the harbor and since I usually dont run with music outside, I started getting consumed with my own thoughts- not necessarily a good thing sometimes.
I have an unhealthy relationship with food (in my opinion at least). I ate 2 crumpets this morning when I really only needed one. I have no filter when it comes to portion control. There is NO GOOD REASON to eat as much food as I usually do. Heck, most of the time I am not even that hungry, but end up feeling super freaking full afterwards because of over eating. After reading Kim's latest post, I really resonated with wanting to "EAT ALL THE FOODS."

I cant keep using "I'm training for a race" as an excuse for my poor choices in food consumption any more. It's not like I'm eating fast food or garbage like that- I actually eat fairly healthy- but could do a lot better.

With getting older, I've noticed my metabolism is not even close to what it was 15 years ago when I could "EAT ALL THE FOODS" and barely gain any weight.

The most disturbing/ eye opening thing I read recently was that consuming an extra 100 calories a day = weight gain of 10lbs a year. (3500 calories equals  1 pound) 100 calories is like a few cookies? YIKES. 

I made this Pizza Margherita last week and ate half of it. I really only needed about 1/4 of it (12" round pizza, FREAKING DELICIOUS btw)

Between all the un necessary food consumption plus beer/wine, Im starting to slowly gain weight. And even though my BMI is around 19.2 which is considered "healthy" almost underweight, I hate the way I look and feel. (I think BMI is a ridiculous way to measure if people are overweight/obese for many reasons). I feel way too heavy for my frame and feel sluggish.  I dont want to count calories (plus fat, protein, carbs), but may start just to see exactly what I am consuming daily so I have a better idea of what I need to fix.

It's firmly ingrained in my head that a meal needs a main protein + several sides. I need to remind myself that I do not need this to be happy and healthy. There's a healthy balance, and I need to find it. I do plan to start making more time (post next weeks race)  for strength training + core work + working out a little more than I already do now.Just not ready to change things up too much before the race.

Workout more, eat less/ eat better seems like a good way to start.  And I feel it's important to mention that it's not entirely my weight that I am concerned about, it's more about being leaner. I would like to have more muscle definition and less flab. I'm sure I could lose inches off my hips/belly and not lose too much weight. (but I also have no desire to work towards a 6 pack of abs or have the physique of a body builder, there's a happy medium somewhere in between and that's what I plan to find) 

In other news....
On my run today while cruising through Grant Park, I saw the banners for the Shamrock Shuffle. Im super excited to run this event for the 3rd year in a row!

Do you struggle with food?
- Indulging a little is more than fine in my book. I have no desire to turn a 180 and cut sugar/carbs/ whatever out of my food because I dont believe that is healthy. But I can definitely improve my current habits.

Who else is running "Get Lucky" next week?

Are you running Shamrock this year?

- xaar


  1. First of all, nice run! Secondly, I am so glad you explained what a crumpet was. I was wondering:)

    I am so with you! I am lenient about what I eat, especially when training for a race. I've gotten better over the years, but the temptation is always there...

    I'll be at the Shuffle!

  2. I have food badly, that I don't talk about them

    1. I feel better when I write it down... but the actual writing is quite scary...

  3. I better try my socks out I guess! I wasn't going to wear them until next weekend since it is so muddy here.

    I hear what you are saying about the food and eating. I did that too and then wonder why I did. It is just so good! Sugar is a huge downfall for me. Love sugar a little too much.

  4. Bummer about your socks. I have a couple pairs of pro compression socks and they don't bother my feet. I was worried that they would (I am really, really picky about my socks), but was surprised when they didn't. I hope that it was just your shoes.

    I can totally relate to you and food. I have the same feelings. I am freaking hungry all the time. I am eating all the time. I need to stop snacking so much. Really a dollop of hummus would be good, not half the freaking container. UGH.

    1. Im hoping it was just the shoe/sock combo. Im not usually picky about the socks, and this was the first time something like this happened...

  5. Good call in trying out those socks before the race. They look pretty cool and they are definitely race appropriate for next weekend! Hope you can wear them. Also, that exhausting wind you felt is good training! You get to put in a lot of effort without the high risk of speed related injuries. Anyway, hope you heal up to 100% for the race. Did not realize that your hip flexor was bugging you. That stinks. BTW, I am a bad eater at least once a day (mostly cookies). I try not to get down on myself too much when I over-indulge, it's not worth the stress. I just try and make tiny changes every week and hopefully that will add up to a big change in a few years! I am running Get Lucky but not the Shamrock. The Shamrock is a week away from Boston, which is during my taper! I want to do it next year.

    1. Great point about the wind. I need to remember that (just the same as running slower in the heat) just frustrating to see slower paces... :)

      Im excited for Get Lucky this week! AND I hope youre able to give it a good 100% effort.

  6. Love the socks! Almost bought them but went crazy buying running headbands so had to calm down the running spending:). I am running the Shamrock- 1st time. Super excited about it, first really big race I will be running. It is the day after a big training run for the Wisconsin marathon so not expecting anything but fun:). I am constantly wanting to stuff my face and for the longest time the quantity was getting out of control and I gained a lot of weight. Measuring and calorie counting which sucks- was the only thing that worked for me to get a reality check. That and focusing on fruits and vegetables also seems to help keep me in check.

    1. YAY for Shamrock! Even better it will be a fun run for you. I think we lose sight of the fun aspect of why we do these events sometimes :)

  7. I have a hard time racing or running long in compression socks too. They just feel odd in the feet sometimes. Hope that 10k went well! At least it wasn't rainy substantially and just a light drizzle.

    Diet is starting to catch up with me these days too. I (usually) eat very healthy but everyday has its own fair share of candy. Noticing that my body doesn't rid all those extra sugar cals like it used to. They just kind of linger for a bit longer on the bod. Had to come to terms with this recently and buy new pants too which was a major thumbs down. Just can't fight it I guess!

  8. I struggle with portion control too. I found that counting my calories - even just for a month or two - was really eye-opening. It helped me get a better handle on which foods i really need to watch it when it comes to portions. Obviously the junk and sweets, but also carbs - bread, rice, pasta, etc.

    1. Sold. Going to start logging everything I eat in the app i have starting tomorrow. Im done feeling like crap!

  9. I struggle with food off and on, the big thing for me is sugar. If I start with too much sugar, everything else slowly starts to go downhill. I'm determined to get off the extra weight I've put on the last several months.

  10. Thanks for the shoutout! Sorry I am so late to comment :)

    I get what you mean about knowing you are at a healthy weight but wanting to feel right. I so, so get that. I would have eaten crumpet #2 as well. I mean, sometimes I do overeat before a long run because I am worried I will get hungry (I have an irrational fear of hunger) but sometimes I overeat just for fun. I wanted a treat after dinner. Orange smile, banana chips and two truffles?! Come on, Kim, pick ONE. And we cook for 8 when we cook, because we like leftovers. It's hard to say no to more. So so hard.

    I bet though, if you start now, you can get back on track and feel good, just in 5 days, for the race, after some solid healthy eating. And I know you know I don't mean never have treats. Just not ALL THE TREATS!!! :D

    CB! Need more pics of you!!!

    Hope that damn hip gets better!

  11. Hmmm, I'm not totally sure about that calorie thing - I regularly burn about 3,500 calories a week, and I'm not losing weight. But you're right, eating 100 extra calories a day sure would be easy to do. I also agree that BMI is not the best measurement, but I do think using how you feel and look is a pretty good gauge. I don't count calories (I honesty have no idea how many I should even be eating per day to keep with maintenance and account for all the exercising), but I do write down everything I eat. Even logging my food was pretty eye-opening when I started, because I didn't realize how much I was actually eating, or trends in what I eat in a given day. Maybe I wouldn't notice that I'd eat bread for 3 meals in a day, or have beef several times a week, but my trainer reviews my food logs and points out stuff like that for me and I've adjusted accordingly. Counting calories, or at least logging your food, until you can get a better handle on how much you should be eating each day to start feeling better might not be a bad idea.

    And it took me a long time to break that formula of protein + multiple sides too, because I think that's how a lot of us grew up eating. It wasn't until the last year or so that I realized it's totally possible to have one dish for a meal.

    On a lighter note, cute pic with your dog, cute socks (I hope your next experience with them is better!), and I'm looking forward to running my first ever Shuffle this year!

  12. I want to eat all the foods too!! I think its also a lot harder when you are out and about. The urge to get something convenient and freaking delicious is so hard to resist! The fact that I work right across the street from the best Mexican restaurant of all no help either. BURRITOS!

    Luckily...I am working from home this week, and it's given me a good chance to retrain my brain to eat to fuel my body, and get back to clean eating, instead of just eating freaking delicious awesomeness because it sounds good at the moment. Like burritos.

  13. You're singing my song. I could have easily written this post myself. I find myself eating more than what I need to satisfy my hunger because it tastes SO GOOD I don't want to stop eating. Not great for getting to race weight, of course.