Monday, September 9, 2013

FVM BQ or BUST Week 12

Week 12!?! Where the heck has time gone!?!

Monday Easy 5 with the pup

I always love running with him. :)

Tuesday REST!!

Wednesday 9 miles with 7 tempo miles at 7:35-7:30 pace + strength


Thursday Easy 6 + strength

Friday 7 miles with 5x 20 second pickups

Received week 13 + the outline of my racing plan for Fox Valley from Coach B. I got chills.

Saturday 20 miles, 2:59

Ran the first 1.5 miles with L and then 6-7 middle miles with KIM! It was nice to run a few miles with some of my favorite people around for this final long run before Fox Valley. Overall I felt good with No complaints other than the heat and humidity (70 degrees when I started at 6:20am).

Sunday REST

2 weeks from now Is my goal race- the race I've pretty much been working towards for 2 years now. And I'm excited, nervous and anxious for 9-22 to come so I can run my heart out and put all the training Coach B has laid out for me to good use. and to prepare for the mental side of this race, I will be be pulling back from the distractions of social media. Well, I've already been doing that... 9-22 can't come soon enough and I'm so freaking ready to hit my goals.


- xaar


  1. How exciting that you're so close! I'm glad that you're preparing for the mental side of things too - that's the one thing I wish I would have considered more before my last big goal race.

    Enjoy your taper, you've obviously earned it!

  2. Awesome week and awesome 20 miler in the heat and humidity. Also, congrats on a solid marathon training cycle. Your legs and lungs are ready for a BQ. Now it's time to relax and recover and enjoy that confident feeling over the next two weeks. :-)

  3. cowabunga is right!!!! So psyched for you. Is there runner tracking available? You know I'll be with ya every mile!

  4. Awesome job! Now for the tough part: taper! Great pic of the pup in front of the skyline!

  5. Hopefully these last few weeks will fly by so race day can get here for you! You are having a great training cycle for your race!!

  6. What a terrific week of training. I am sure you're going to rock FVM based on the great work you've done.

  7. I LOVE seeing your recaps. You hit awesome paces that inspire me to get out there and put in hard work too. Or, at least think about it.

    I loved joining you for part of your 20!

    I can't wait for FVM!!!! You have trained in all sorts of conditions and have the base to smash your PR and BQ

  8. You've GOT this! I am so excited to follow along with your journey!

  9. You are going to ROCK the FVM. I saw Britt last Friday at a Chicago Half Marathon reception and we were both talking about how we could just FEEL that you are going to knock this race out of the park. I am SO EXCITED for you. Can't believe how quickly the time has gone by during your training!!!

    Gorgeous pictures, as usual - and I love the sports bra you have on in that picture with Kim!

  10. You are going to do a great job on the 22nd! You are really amazing. I looked how you ran 20 in less time than it took me to do 12..LOL

    BTW...thanks for the pep talk..I appreciate it! I can't wait to see you in less than 2 weeks!

  11. So close to crunch time! Is the FVM ready for the PAIN you are bringing it? Except it won't be temporary, you'll destroy that course for 26.2 miles and make it cry.

    Keep it up!