Monday, September 2, 2013

FVM BQ or BUST weeks 10 and 11

Monday Easy 7
Ran with Marla for Fleet Feet Pint Night

Tuesday REST

Wednesday Easy 5

Ran with CB in the morning.

Thursday 3x 2 miles @ 7:18 pace

Crazy to think my current 5k PR pace is 10 seconds faster than 7:18/mile.

Friday easy 8

Saturday 16 on the Los Gatos Creek Trail 2:24.

splits ranged from 8:00-11:00 a mile. Yay hills and dehydration. But I was very happy to run the last 2 miles with L.

And it wasn't ideal.

Sunday 2 hours of Stand Up Paddle Boarding!

Week 11!

Monday Unintentional Rest Day

Returned from California.

Tuesday 2 early am miles to pick up the CB dog.

Wednesday 10x 800's at 3:22-3-19


Thursday easy 6

Friday Easy 8

Saturday 18 miles with 10 @ GMP 2:26.

It was rainy the first 6 miles which was fun but not really since there were 12 more miles to run in wet socks n shoes. It was also on the hot and muggy side and all I can hope for is a beautiful cool dry day for Fox Valley.

These past 2 weeks had some highs and lows and I really cannot believe that I've got less than 3 weeks left at this point. I know I've made some crazy progress so far and need to remember that.

I'm starting to freak about the weather, if BM registration will be closed before I even run Fox Valley, and a host of other things. All of which are out of my control. So this week of training I'll just calm the eff down and focus on my final week of high mileage before I start a 2 week taper. Yes. I like my tapers short n sweet.


- xaar


  1. Thankfully, this heat wave seems to be over and hopefully, you can look for steadily falling temps from now until race day. I just googled it and it looked like 2013 Boston registration didn't close until October 11, 2012. So you will probably be good, since you'll be done way before October 11, 2013. Most important thing is to run your best on race day! Yay taper weeks! :)

  2. You are going to rock it! Trust your training, you have this.

  3. Girrrrrrl, do you even run? Killing it like Jason!

  4. I've loved following along with your awesome training cycle. I can't believe how soon the FVM is around the corner! You will do awesome, I can just feel it.

  5. Deep breaths! In! Out! Hee hee. You got this. I am also hoping for perfecto weather. But! Today Bobbi and I decided you would kill it no matter what, so, you have your little support crew :)