Saturday, September 14, 2013

FVM BQ or BUST Week 13

ONE WEEK TO GO! Where has time gone... no really WHERE HAS TIME GONE? Feels like yesterday I was reaching out to Coach Britt again about designing a 14 week plan once again for Fox Valley. Now here I sit, one week to go and in relatively good health. My ITB is feeling a little tight.

Monday- Easy 5

Tuesday- REST/ Date night with CB!

While we were walking through Grant Park I noticed that the Chicago Marathon banners were starting to get posted. YIKES. 4 weeks to go until my 3rd Chicago Marathon! If all goes according to plan in Fox Valley next week, I'll run Chicago with L again- and it will be my "victory lap."
Wednesday- Speed. 2x3 miles at 7:18 pace.  + Strength

This workout surprised me once again- my 5k PR pace is only 10 seconds a mile faster than 7:18- so to be able to run that 2 times, and still have gas in the tank speaks volumes of how my fitness has progressed.

After these 3 marathons i'll be doing in a span of 7 weeks (Fox Valley, Chicago, Naperville), I hope to still be in good health and knock off some major PRs in both the 5k and half marathon before winter has Chicago in its icy grip for a few months.

Thursday- Easy 5 + Strength

Not much to see here, just some easy recovery miles followed by my little strength routine.
Friday- 7 Miles + 6x20 second pickups. 59:00

Saturday- 12 miles, with 10 @ Goal Marathon Pace. 1:36

The weather was crisp and cool and all I could think of was "man, my quads are still sore from all the strength stuff I've done this week."  Oh yeah, and the fact that it was hovering around 50 degrees with a low dew point. And all I could really think was "I HOPE IT'S LIKE THIS NEXT WEEK! OR COOLER!!!"

I ran the first mile with L and then hit the gas. This workout went so quick. I dont run with music outside but people watch instead. I noticed so many people broke out the leggings and jackets this morning with the cooler temps, only to overheat and tie the jackets around their waist. It was a bit chilly at the start- I had a light tank and shorts on but quickly warmed up after a mile. My hands stayed freezing for longer and I might look into buying a pair of throwaway gloves for next week.

Later on post 12 miler...

I went to Fleet Feet where Newton was sponsoring a clinic with Bart Yasso and Paula Newby Fraser. Hearing both of them talk about some of their experiences almost made me cry. YAY Taper emotions! I also ran into Chris who recognized me.

We also did some running form drills led by the Newton rep for Chicago. The main point was to not mimic how Meb or Ryan Hall look while running, but to figure out our own most efficient way to run. They also had us do drills to demonstrate how looking down or up while running negatively affects our posture, how over striding is very inefficient (try to balance while on your heel- you will fall backwards), and also answered questions from the group. I was very happy I went to hear them both speak- and in our goody bag we each received a copy of Bart's book "My Life on the Run."  YAY now I have something inspiring to read this week!
"Never limit where running can take you." is what Bart signed in each of our copies.

I'd say this was a wonderful end to the week. Tomorrow i'll take CB for a walk and once again visualize how Fox Valley will go down one week from tomorrow.

- xaar


  1. I love it that you are setting "PRs" in training and barely breaking a sweat. That bodes very well for FVM. I usually run with a pair of disposable gloves during a marathon. Anyway, it's great that you got Bart's book and alsogot to meet him. He seems like a cool guy. Also, I did not realize that you are running TWO more marathons after FVM! Post marathon I am usually laid up for a month with no races and just easy running, so that is very impressive!

    1. Hehe it is a good feeling averaging a faster pace than my half PR for 18 miles ;) I just hope it translates to race day. Bart is cool. If he does any talks at the Chicago marathon you should go! I think you'd enjoy listening to him talk. And for the marathons, if I stay healthy it should be good- since only racing Fox Valley. Naperville is already spoken for where I'll get to run with my BFF and hopefully she will PR the crap out of the marathon :)

  2. so jealous! I can't wait to see you next week..and I am ok with you saying "oh hey..can't talk gotta run" ;)

  3. Can't wait to see you again too! It will be a great day for us out there :)

  4. I feel like I've been waiting for your race day before I even think about mine! :) Definitely excited. And dude, yeah what's up with people wearing long sleeves yesterday morning?!

  5. You are running strong! I am excited to see how you do in all three marathons. Glad you are feeling so good.

  6. You're going to kick ass next weekend!

  7. Your BQ goal is like the topping on top of your next few months of races! Put this boat on cruise control and sail to the finish! Pain is now your slave!

  8. Lovely to see you yesterday and glad to see you got your photo with Bart. Have an awesome taper week!

  9. I hope your ITB is less tight since you hit publish on this post!

    AHH! The Chicago Marathon banners are up! Awww, I always love seeing them. I will see them on Wed... and I will see you!

    That is amazing you have made so much progress with your times! But, ha ha, not surprising with how hard you work and your great coach leading you! :)

    What a fun event @ FF! Interesting that they were talking about where to look when you run. When I run trails and in the dark I have to look down more so I don't trip. But I usually look straight forward :)

  10. Bart! Enjoy the race, should be great!

    And yea, you need to go to NY again to see the city. Just in looking at the course map for the NYC marathon, the course looks awesome. Crazy how they can cover all 5 boroughs. I see how it could be such a big deal in NY, since 8 million people are in NYC! Probably just a wall of noise from the spectators the entire race.

  11. Kick some tail, and remember to pause just a second for my high fives! xoxo!!!

  12. Every time I read your training posts I am truly, truly amazed by your perseverance, grit, fortitude, and motivation. And I can't believe that FVM is so close. You are going to ROCK IT OUT!

    So sorry to hear that Boston registration will probably close before FVM, though. =( But Boston better watch out for 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!1