Sunday, January 26, 2014

Knoxville Marathon Training Week 1

Monday AM: 7 Miles, 55 minutes. Progressive run before work.

Monday PM: 1 hourBallerina Fight Club @ Mazi.

Tuesday: 1 hour, Zi-Cardio @ Mazi

Wednesday: REST!

Thursday AM: 7 miles, 53 Minutes. Speed workout. 2x 2.5 miles @ 7:18 pace. Felt fantastic.

Thursday PM: 1 hour, Hip Hop @ Mazi. I always have the biggest smile on my face after leaving this class.

Friday AM: 6 miles, 49 minutes. Hillz for breakfast.

Saturday: 11.25 miles, 1:40. Just another weekend long run colliding with Polar Vortex version 2.0
Ran south the first 5 miles and thought "WOW this is so fun and not too cold." Then I turned around into 30 mph headwinds. OMG not so fun.My hand warmers were defective and weren't very warm and any exposed skin on my face was burning from the wind + arctic air. I am constantly surprised at how the lakefront path is always plowed and salted and relatively clear. At least in the segments that I run on.

Sunday: 3.75 miles, 29:20. Easy miles to close out the week. My highest mileage week in what seems like forever.
So I went into this week still mulling over a "goal" race for the spring. By Tuesday I had settled on the Knoxville marathon in late March- It will be a "win win" because I'll get to see my mom and also run a challenging race in a beautiful part of the country.  10 weeks isn't a long time to train for a marathon- considering many "popular" plans are 18 weeks but I thrive on shorter cycles.  The last 2 Fox Valley Marathon cycles I've done were 14 weeks. I enjoy being fully focused and engaged in training while enjoying every single step and arriving at race day feeling prepared and mentally fresh- something I never felt with the longer plans. Next week starts 9 weeks of working with Coach B until game day and I really couldn't be more excited.
I was happy to run outside Sunday and see the beautiful sky.
I ran around the Planetarium and it wasn't plowed at all. But was fun to run in.
It was so cold outside during Saturday's run that much of the water in my bottle froze.
I'll never get tired of this view. 



  1. Love the pics (as usual)! Good luck with your marathon training! I enjoyed my shortened nine week Chicago cycle. However, the one thing that I would change is doing a two week taper instead of one. Since I was still "cramming" for the race during week eight (instead of resting), I did not have fresh legs on race day. However, considering how much fun I had on race day I can't complain! :)

  2. so very excited to see your training over the next few months/weeks. I'm all for short (12 week) plans, too. I think if you're running consistently throughout the year, and thus, have at least **some** semblance of a base, the 14, 16, 18+ week programs are overkill (especially at high volumes)... but that's just me. We do what works for us. :) yea girl YEA!

  3. I recently took a Barre Judo class at Creative Motion Studio up near me ... I wonder if it was similar to Ballerina Fight Club. Although an ACTUAL Ballerina Fight Club might be kind of cool ....

  4. I like shorter marathon cycles, too. Sometimes, it's just too damn long and then people get sick of it (I see them say this, lol).

    Is your face all wind burned from Saturday? I noticed my cheeks were all red last night!

  5. When I see you log your Zi-Cardio, I think of Dragon Ball Z inspired fitness. I will refrain from looking it up and keep on dreaming that is what you are doing.

    A shortened training plan can work better for some, especially when you maintain your fitness between cycles! I'll be watching your training intently!
    Pain is nothing, mars like wind chills are everything!

  6. these 62 days will fly by for you. Love all the beautiful pictures you took. I can't wait until I am back to running higher mileage weeks and needing to carry water with me again.

  7. That's awesome that you have a goal race for the spring! I was wondering what your next move would be. Looks like a solid week to kick off the training, and I LOVE the dance classes! I used to take cardio hip-hop at All About Dance and it was such a blast!