Thursday, January 23, 2014

Over-Under Confident

I committed to a spring "goal" race.

What I find very interesting currently is this duality of feeling extremely confident and completely unprepared concerning this goal.

Overconfident because I tell myself I've built a decent base of miles to tackle another training cycle. There's been some speed work sessions I've completed which I never would have thought possible right now. (2x 2.5 miles at 7:18 pace to name one of many kick ass workouts) That nearly 100% of my miles have been high quality and far from "junk" miles. And let's not forget I'm freaking injury free and feeling invincible! (While of course I am taking every step possible to maintain that)

And then....

I find myself in incredible self doubt. That I haven't built up enough base mileage. That I haven't completed many long runs (mainly due to the shitty polar vortexes that have descended upon Chicago). That the course I've chosen according to the website "has some hills, particularly in the first half... Not terribly hilly, but there aren't many miles that are just flat." That this race is just over 9 weeks away.

It is an interesting place to be feeling such strong emotion on complete opposite sides of the spectrum. Maybe some of these feelings are residual from the bonkfest of FVM which was completely out of my control. Or maybe I'm just overly hopeful that this is the "3rd time is the charm" with my goal.

Either way, I'll be in a place I enjoy with people I love doing something I enjoy immensely. And at the end of the day, that is all that matters to me.

Do you usually feel overly confident or completely unsure of executing your goals?

Usually I'm pretty much in the middle. As the project or race goal grows near, I have a pretty good idea if I will succeed based on my preparations, and that increases my confidence exponentially.

- xaar


  1. Reading this reminds me of some of the mental exercises I have read about elites doing so they don't doubt themselves. But there must always be that little bit of doubt, right? And being 100% overly confident would be bad, right? Nah, that seems to work for Bolt (or is that just my impression of him?)

    I think basing perceived outcome on what you have put in is the way to go! Then knowing you will always have AMAZING and also (wah) shitty days.

    I am usually... hmm. Pretty confident. Not overly. My problem is that I totally don't mind giving up "goals" (usually ones I haven't trained for) so I usually go in to races thinking it will be good whatever happens. I am not sure how I would feel if I had an actual legit goal that required the hard work you do! :)

    1. Haha well Bolt is just superhuman or something ;)

      I think there's a huge validity to being confident and training yourself to be a consistent "performer." I'll save that post for another day- but the mental training is important because self doubt could completely sabotage a perfectly good performance (of any kind).

      I like your attitude of being confident and knowing it will be good whatever happens. I also try to embody that line of thinking- but with any goal, the more you want it and put work into it means the greater the pleasure when it's achieved or the bigger disappointment when it doesn't turn out the way it was planned. I'll try to be more like you in just thinking it will be good and *try* to not put so much emotional attachment into these events. :)

  2. I am usually my own worst enemy when it comes to self-doubt, although I have worked very hard to rectify this over the past year or two-I know I am still (and always) a work in progress. What I DO know, is that I always push myself as hard as possible when it comes to accomplishing my goals. And if I fall, I will allow myself to wallow for a minute or seven, but I always get back up.
    If anyone can kick a races tootie, it's you. Look forward to maybe running together once this weather lets up!

  3. I think that just comes with the training cycles. I am more than certain you will do great and I will be cheering you on.

  4. You are amazing! Believe in yourself. Tell those thoughts in your head to "get lost". I believe in you!

  5. You will be amazing, squish the self doubt and trust in your injury free strong running!

  6. I can understand this feeling. That's kind of how I'm looking at my spring half - I'm pretty confident that I CAN do it, but I'm not totally sure how I'll get there or what my 12 weeks of training is actually going to be like. I just keep envisioning the race, assuming that my training will go well and get me there.

    And dang girl, that's some impressive speed work! That and running quality miles thus far goes a long way!