Friday, January 3, 2014

Thoughts {2}

•I wrote down my time "goals" i'd like to achieve in races this year. Putting these numbers on paper made me giddy with excitement. Last year I was 2 for 4 with surpassing my goals- only in the 5k and 8k... (I'm no longer counting the 10k since I don't race those) Perhaps this is the year Chicago is blessed with "perfect" weather for a half marathon I plan to run. I'll keep my fingers crossed, but surely won't hold my breath.

2013 time goals... So last year...
•I have not registered for any 2014 races currently. And it feels good and weird to not have an event on the horizon. With the knee still being a little funky I can't pull the trigger on anything yet- plus I'm tired of running in super shitty conditions for races (read: half marathon in sub freezing temps, with 30mph winds and sleet.) oh snap, I've actually done the rain/sleet-wind- freezing temps a few times, it's just not enjoyable getting the early symptoms of hypothermia. Plus, I'd rather spend a few extra $$$ knowing I'm 100% healthy for the race.

• My "theme" for running in 2014 is "cautiously aggressive." Cautious because I am injury prone and must constantly listen to- take care of my body to make sure I don't end up with injury again. Aggressive because I know I can HTFU a whole lot more. In the past month I've had some kick ass runs with some speedy (for me) paces.

•I don't do "resolutions" for the new year. I make changes weekly if not daily. Most of my "goals" keep evolving as time goes on.

•Eataly is one of the coolest places I've been in Chicago. It's like Ikea for all things Italian.

•Three Dots and a Dash might be my new favorite bar. What's not to love about a Tiki bar that makes you forget that the weather outside is "feels like negative 15?" Perhaps it was the rum drinks instead.

•I'm looking forward to running outside tomorrow. It will be "warm" with some snow. I've been enjoying my treadmill runs, but getting outside for a bit could be fun provided the path is plowed and salted.

- xaar


  1. This weather has been rough. I've been debating not doing any races over 5 miles until May because of it.

    I'm a little intimidated to go to Eataly, just because of all the hype. Ditto for Three Dots and a Dash, although I'm curious about both. Right now the latter sounds especially appealing. Like literally right this moment because I have time to kill before meeting Robert for dinner.

    1. That's a great idea to not do longer races until may. I hadn't thought about that :)

      Eataly is overwhelming. But it's cool. I think going on a week night would be more tolerable than a weekend.

      Go to 3 dots! It's a fantastically cool place!!! It's not intimidating at all. (Just make sure you know where the entrance is- in an alley...) go have a frou frou drink!!

    2. Yeah, my next paid-for-race isn't until May and that will likely be my next race unless something positive happens for Mr. Ankle and PF! At least I'm not reading tons of race recaps and getting jealous this time of year! :)

  2. sounds like good plans, I want to go to Eataly...need a day off to do it

  3. Hope your knee quits being funky. I like the cautiously aggressive approach, I should adopt that a little more. I tend to just be aggressive and then BAM I am injured. I don't have any races on the horizon either, of course, I am hardly running right now.

  4. goals, can't have them all right?!?!?! you had a pretty awesome 2013, even beyond running. 2014 will rock your socks off, excited to see where it takes you!

    and the knee, is this a recent development or the same leg that generally tends to bug you?

  5. You should have an owl theme for any races you do this year... so everyone can be like...that owl girl is lining up! There goes our chances!

  6. Oooh, I have heard so much about Eataly! I am intrigued by Mario Batali so I am even more excited now to check it out.

    Yay for not having any races registered on the calendar for 2014! I agree with you that it's a great feeling to have so much flexibility. It's also definitely worth paying a little bit more when you have a better idea of how things are going.

    There is something very solidifying and self-affirming, too, about writing your goals down. WOO HOO! It is going to be a great 2014 for you!!!