Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Original 5k

On Saturday I ran FleetFeet's brand spankin new event, "The Original 5k." The theme was the 1970's running boom. Pre, The Complete Book of Running, tube socks, splitterz (split shorts), painters caps, were  the essence of this no frills well organized race.

The race was at Montrose, and I decided to cycle the 9 miles up there since it would have taken me longer to take the public trans. I was really excited to take my sweet 15 year old Specialized hybrid on its longest journey to date.

The weather was perfect. Sunny with a cool breeze. I knew it would be a great day to wear my splitterz.

Team New Balance

The last time I wore my splitterz was in 1998. Somehow after moving 20 times in the past 16 years they remained in my running shorts box. I couldn't bear to part with them. The elastic was shot (no surprise) but the drawstring worked perfect.
FF Cheer Team

The 4 "heritage" shoe companies (New Balance, Nike, Asics, and Brooks) were present showing off their latest models. There was also a team competition between the 4 shoe brands. I was lucky enough to land a spot on Team New Balance through being a FF cheer ambassador as well as a comped entry into the race*.
All smiles before running my longest in weeks.

The ankle was feeling better this week so I decided a 5k would be a good way to "test" it out since Thursday's one mile run didnt allow it to fully warm up.

First mile: Yay I'm running. This is so fun! (Looks down at garmin after half a mile and sees 7:00 pace) CRAP must slow down Im not trying to PR this race.... Split: 7:30

Second mile: yay I'm still running relatively ankle pain free. I really should slow down a bit so my ankle doesn't explode. Split: 7:35

Third mile: slowing down to be smart. Don't care if people pass me. I'm having an absolute blast. This is so fun! Split: 7:53

The last tenth I was just enjoying myself... perhaps a little too much...

Time: 23:53
Respect the races, yo. Tuck in your shirt.

Immediately after crossing the finish, I got some ice for my ankle, because it was tender.

I was so happy to run again.

I started a bit further back than I normally would, and didnt experience any course crowding even with Montrose's narrow paths. There was one water station filled with smiling volunteers- one of which said "take some water, It's good for your soul." It was hard to resist getting some of that water.
Post race there was a raffle and I enjoyed spending time with some of my FF Cheer friends while drinking a Miller Highlife.
The day was about celebrating running and friends. And FleetFeet, as always didnt disappoint.
Post Race FF Cheer Team

I cycled back home and against my better judgement, didn't put my leggings back on- thinking i'd be ok with the splitters. I proceeded to chafe a quarter sized area of my leg. You know it's bad when even neosporin stings wickedly bad on contact. The whole ride home I just couldn't stop thinking how my legs felt so trashed from the 9 mile journey up and the 5K. 

It was a fab day to enjoy with friends and I was thankful to have this opportunity through FleetFeet*.

*As always, Everything written here is my own opinion blah blah


  1. Any time I have worn short shorts on a bike, I have regretted it. 9 miles of that though! Eek. Glad to hear your ankle survived.

    Also 20 times in 16 years! I've moved ... 12 times in 14 years. I kind of enjoy every "new" beginning. Although all of those moves were within the Chicago area so I'm not quite that adventurous.

    1. Lesson learned the real hard way. I even thought that would happen. Smh. I think 20 times might be conservative if I count all the times I moved within whatever city I was living in. :) it's nice to have a new start in a new place, even if it's just across town.

  2. I'm glad your ankle seems to be on the mend! I'd second Maggie's comment on the short shorts... I now always wear at least half-thigh shorts on the bike. I can't handle more than 2-3 miles in short running shorts.

    1. Thanks! It's pretty angry with me right now, but hopefully will continue to heal if I don't run. I'm never cycling again in anything less than mid thigh spandex. Oh god it's so bad. Haha

  3. GOD you're such a blog whore ;) (I kid, I kid, I promise.)

    I wish I had realized sooner that I have the perfect shirt to wear for this race... my Ragnar FLK team in 2013 was the Stop Pre team, and our shirts have a red stop sign and a mustache. Dangit. Maybe next year.

    Love your shorts. I have a pair like those in Hawaiian print!

    1. You're too funny! I debated on even saying anything but blog disclosure whatevs, I always "have" to do the "right" thing. Hahaha

      Hopefully they will do it again next year and you can wear your shirt!

      Those Hawaiian print shorts sound amazing!!! :)

  4. Looks like a fun race! I think I got rid of my last two pairs of splitters a couple of years ago. I didn't have any fun prints like that though :) Hope your ankle feels better soon and you can get back to running pain free. injuries suck!

    That is a lot of moving! I haven't moved in 8 years and rather hope I don't for a long time, I hate moving :) but before that I moved 11 times in 7 years. It gets old fast! I do love looking at new places though!

  5. You're ridiculously awesome. That is all.

  6. You do the best races lol. That sounds awesome. And glad that overall it went pretty well, hopefully no ill effects on your ankle.

    Thanks for the long comment, no problem at all about not commenting, I don't comment as often anymore either on blogs - I've resorted to simply adding runner blog friends on facebook lol. Good news on SF marathon photos, now the race is letting you use pics for free! I hope every race does this.

  7. I was thinking about doing this race last minute, but the stars did not align in the last moments. Oh well, maybe next year. Glad the cankle survived the race. Sorry to hear about your leg. Lesson learned - I will always wear my bike shorts (at least while riding my bike)!

  8. Glad to hear your ankle is feeling better, and WOWSA to your speed. I am in awe of runners that can be THAT fast! Way to go!

  9. This race sounds so fun! And I love how fast your "taking it easy" pace is!

    What do you think of the shoes you got? Which "heritage" (giggle) team won? :) I am rooting for Asics. LOL. ;)

    Biking lesson learned, right?! :P

  10. I registered for this race but decided not to do it because I also had a ZOOMA fun run. Maybe next year.