Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Having loads of fun, no running involved.

Graston + PT + Hips

2 PT sessions in, I'm feeling super encouraged that I've made a good decision to commit to 2 sessions a week.

The discomfort in my ankle is nearly gone, but no surprise there since I refuse to run on it until it's better and until I have some solid time behind me with PT. Because if I were to just run on it now, it would likely come back because the main issue hasn't been fixed yet. And that would just be f&cking dumb.

not running = walks with the pup & imitating sculptures

My outer hips are pretty weak which are likely contributing (along with janky biomechanics) my knees to turn in excessively while running, causing extra stress on my ankle. My PT said not to run for another week, so maybe this weekend I'll be able to test out a few easy miles, but I'm ok waiting more to ensure I put myself in the best position for recovery.
I had graston done for the first time yesterday. At first I was intimidated by a large heavy metal instrument being rubbed on my tender ankle, but the actual movements didn't hurt at all. After 10 minutes there was a noticeable red patch on one small segment of my ankle- which the PT said was the inflamed area. Ever since, it's been a little cranky which was to be expected.

I started swimming on Saturday. I managed 900 yards with breaks between every 50 yard lap. I can't freaking breathe. Sunday's 1000 yards went slightly better but I need to learn how to breathe. I had wanted to do a triathlon later this summer, but am now entirely convinced an open water swim could possibly kill me. I'm currently looking into swim lessons.

Running thoughts:

I've been struggling with pulling back from running and running goals. I love running more than cycling and swimming but my long term health is more important than any PR or BQ. I was still thinking (delusional) I had enough time to train and squeak out a BQ in September, but the rational side of me says STOP. And I am. And it's difficult. And I know I'll be putting myself in the best possible position for success whenever that happens in the future.
I don't understand why he is cheering for the Netherlands...

World Cup!

I've been enjoying watching many of the games and seeing some major upsets which will enable Brasil or the USA to go far and *hopefully* win the cup.


L and I went out to Grant park last night for the first of 3 viewing parties US soccer is sponsoring. We got there literally 3 minutes before the game started and were in the middle of the crowd when Dempsey scored the first goal 32 seconds in.

It was amazing watching the crowd erupt into celebration!


We left after the first half to check out a new bar that opened near us but ended up at another place for dinner and to watch the rest of the game due to the crowds.

I might return to grant park Sunday to watch USA v Portugal with some friends because even though it was hot, it was ridiculously fun.
Im seriously bummed I can't watch the Brasil v Mexico game at 2pm today. Maybe I'll get "sick" today at 1pm??? Hehe

I have to say not having a training plan looming over my head like a big dark cloud is so incredibly wonderful because I can go enjoy activities without feeling "guilty" for bailing on a run or workout. I'm almost spending more time working out now than before and enjoying life a hell of a lot more.

Vai Brasil!



  1. As I have found out 'health' is SO much more than running. Its about balance. While I am going through a difficult time right now, this week, its OK. Im enjoying LIFE. And I still get to be active (prob moreso just like you mentioned) than just running all the damn time.

  2. Good luck with swim lessons! I hated taking them as a kid, but my mom insisted (or she wouldn't let us have a pool pass and then what the heck were we supposed to do all summer??) but now I'm glad she made me take them for so many years.

  3. Training for the FVM (half for me this year) has started, and I started to get that marathon itch again, feeling a bit bummed my rf's will all be doing their "long runs" etc...then I remembered how much time, energy and effort the last two summers have sucked out of me-and I smiled. I only have a 6 miler Saturday morning, hehe...I will miss it though, as to me there is nothing truly that can compare to crossing the finish line of a 26.2 race...well, maybe childbirth...:-)
    Glad to hear you are taking it easier, enjoying life, and trying new things! I need swimming lessons too!!!

  4. Sounds like a fun time watching the game. I remember when the World Cup opening ceremonies were at Soldier Field (Oprah emceed). I also got to go to the Germany vs. Bolivia World Cup match at Soldier Field. It was pretty easy to get cheap scalped tickets back then. I wonder how crazy the town would be in the present day now that they can fill up the park for a tv broadcast.