Sunday, June 22, 2014

Watching the USA-Portugal Game in Grant Park was FUN

A few days ago CB and I needed a new FB profile pic.
Today he was bummed he would not be allowed to accompany me to Grant park to watch the USA- Portugal game.
I got to Grant Park a little before 4 to meet Emily.
There were LOADS AND LOADS OF PEOPLE. (I saw the capacity was reached at 10,000 people!)
I met up with Emily and we walked towards the screen like moths to a flame.
We found a nice place to put the chairs she brought, about a 1/3 of the way from the screen.

The screen was great quality and we could see it clearly when we stood.
Having fun before the game with Emily!
A little after we got to Grant Park we found out it had reached capacity and was closed. Our plan was to watch the 1st half at GP and then go home to watch the rest. We were pretty much trapped...

{Video} "I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN!!!" repeat... and repeat...
YAY time to watch soccer!

5 minutes in we were silent due to the Portugal goal. F&CK!!!
Some fog started rolling in off Lake Michigan.
Every time C. Ronaldo was shown on the screen, he was booed LOUDLY by the crowd.

Every time the USA kicked a shot and missed, someone near us would start smoking pot. This happened a lot.
Soon it was half time and we were happy to have chairs to sit on to rest our legs. THANK YOU EMMERS!

And the fog continued rolling in.
Then we just waited and held our breath for USA to hold onto their lead as more fog rolled in.
And more fog rolled in and made all the buildings disappear.

And someone in the crowd said "This is very ominous." And I {said to myself} STFU BRO!

With 5 seconds until the end of the game it became tied, and everyone was in disbelief. WOMP.
And as we departed Grant Park with our heads hung low, we all agreed it was a well played game for the USA.

I had a blast watching the game with Emily, but was bummed her husband wasn't able to join us.




  1. Robert was napping while I was watching the game, and at one point, when the US team missed a shot while they were still down 0-1, I yelled in such a way that Robert came running out of the bedroom thinking that I had cut myself (not too far-fetched, I'm a bit accident-prone). He looked so confused and groggy. I felt bad so I tried to keep my yelling a little bit quieter for the rest of the game.

  2. Love your new pic, where did you get them taken?
    We went to a local pub with the kids (yea, we are THOSE parents) to watch the game since we don't have cable. GREAT game, although a bummer we didn't come out on top.

    1. Thank you :) I've taken them all at home with self timer (and a little bit of editing to make my wall a perfect white) I'm still amazed CB cooperated :)

      No shame in bringing your kids to the pub. I'd totally do the same thing!!

  3. I am happy you recapped it for us since I am missed it! These viewings sound like a lot of fun, especially if you get to go with Emily! ;) I wonder what they do now, because of the tie. I suppose I could look it up. Ha ha.

  4. That fog was crazy! We spent the day in Lincoln Park, and it seemed like the fog was only east of Clark. Weird.

  5. awesome you were there, hopefully you get to watch tomorrow's game there too! We are underdogs vs Belgium, but that teams plays inconsistent, and is also somewhat injured, so we have a shot. They are also missing a guy due to a red card suspension (Defour). So we are catching them at the right time. We will need to play an amazing game, hope the team puts it all together on Tuesday.

    The group stage went exactly as I thought it would - beat Ghana, tie Portugal, lose Germany.