Saturday, November 1, 2014

Time is flying and soon I will be too

Ah man, where has the time gone? It's now November and we've experienced our first snow. (Oh the horror!)

Last weekend L and I did something I've wanted to do for a while- run the lakefront 4 miles to the Green City Market and have breakfast. The weather really couldn't have been any better.

I've missed cruising the lakefront due to the Tendinosis and was happy to be able to experience a good weather day for one of my last runs outside for this year. (I won't run outside if it's less than 32- I can't handle the cold due to Reynauds) I've been running 4+ miles at a time, every few days for the past few weeks without any ill effects. I'm just in no rush to start logging higher mileage weeks any time soon because I want to ensure the cankle doesn't return.

We got to the Green City Market and it was busier than the last time we went because it was the last outdoor market of the year. We enjoyed grilled cheese sandwiches from Gayle's, and tamales from River Valley Ranch.

Later on we went to 5 Rabbits brewery to get their new release "El Bizzaron" a collaboration with Cigar City brewing.A porter brewed with caramelized plantains... YUM. Because of the special release, there were cuban sandwiches for sale (Cigar City is in Tampa, FL which has a huge cuban population)

The cuban sandwiches were hand made and reminded me of home (Tampa). I also bought a cool sugar skull coffee mug from a local artist. The taproom is in their warehouse/brewing facility and had a ton of character. We will definitely go back again.

5 Xaarlins

Cbo dressed up for Halloween. He was imitating this video. We went to the Fido to Go Halloween party and had a good time bobbing for hot dogs (CB, not me) and socializing with the owner of FTG and other pups.

The past month + has been super busy for me and will continue for the next 2 weeks. I'm so happy the culmination of this busy season will be our vacation to Brasil. All I can think about lately is sitting on the beach with L, sipping Caipirinhas on Ipanema  and Copacabana beaches while the Christo Redentor looks on.

The sunrise was super stunning this week.

I also went to the last outdoor  farmers market of the year at Daley Plaza. It seems like the spring and summer just flew by so quick this year.

You know it's the end of summer in Chicago when all the farmers markets close and all the outdoor seating is taken down.

I'm so ridiculously excited for Brasil. Can't wait to see my Brasilian parents (in laws) and all of our friends again. Oh and the food. Yep- I can't stop thinking about all the fantastic food Rio and São Paulo have to offer. My dreams are filled with Coxinha and pastel and feijoada, parque Ibirapuera, Mocoto, and caipirinhas lately.

I remember when we got the plane tickets 3 months ago for our trip to Brasil and it seemed so far away, now the countdown is in the teens. Did I already say how excited I am for my second visit to Brasil and first visit to Rio??

My goal for this week is to finish up buying presents for some family and friends and begin the packing process. My ultimate goal is to only bring a carry on for this trip. Luckily dresses and Brasilian bikinis take up very little space ;)

Tchau-- Xa'ar


  1. I feel like the last pic of CB in regards to winter. I too have a case (undiagnosed but Mom has it) of Reynauds so I avoid being outside in the cold. Have another wonderful trip in Brazil...can't wait to hear about it.

    1. Yep. Your comment about CB was EXACTLY what I was thinking too- looks like I forgot to write it in the post :)

      I'm undiagnosed too- but my grandma had it and I've got all the symptoms when its chilly.. I will definitely post about Brasil and bring a sliver of sunshine back with me ;)

  2. I am so excited for you! I am jealous..I have never been there.

    1. Thanks! I will post about it and make you feel like you are there living vicariously through me ;)

  3. That skull mug is SO cool!!!!

    I'm super excited Brasil is almost here!!! Ahh! It feels like it's arrived fast to me, too, lol!

  4. I'm sad summer is over but I do like experiencing different seasons. I wouldn't mind if winter was shorter though, haha. I'm excited for your trip to Brazil! I was to see some of those bikinis!! But I understand if you don't post pics on here of you in them ;-)