Sunday, November 9, 2014

Another weekly recap of things that happened

Life is good, really really good. Work has been busy (read: our busy season+ regular month end close) and this weekend was chill, exactly what I needed because soon I will be all GO GO GO "do all the things, see all the people, eat all the foods, and DRINK ALL THE CAIPIRINHAS" while in Rio and Sao Paulo.

CB has been wild again. Maybe it was the full moon, but more likely it is because I hadn't taken him on a decent walk or run in ages due to the cold and it being dark outside when i get home.
I saw some micro flowers near my office this week which made me smile. With even cooler temps arriving this week, i'm sure the sightings of colorful living things will diminish rapidly in Chicago.
We voted on Tuesday. I mean, it was a choice of the lesser of 2 evils, or choose which one might not F*ck up Chicago/Illinois the most. I voted because I can. It's my civic duty. With the amount of distrust in the government and anger towards the people in charge, I would have thought there would have been more than 36.4% voter turnout in Chicago. It is just ridiculous. People want change, but don't want to do anything other than bitch about shit on social media- which does not produce change. If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.
On Friday night I noticed a bight light shining on my balcony. I went outside to investigate and saw the perfect opportunity for a cool silhouette photo.
The light was coming from many blocks away. It was for the filming of the new "Batman vs Superman" movie. I couldn't believe how bright the light was. I was tempted to go check out the sets, because it was being filmed in the Loop, but decided i'd rather stay in my nice warm apartment, than brave the cold.
Saturday the CB dog and I went for our first run together in ages. It was a crisp 40 deg, with some winds. I really struggled with what to wear for this run, since i've been staying inside at the gym. But some tights, a long sleeve Nike hyperwarm shirt, a wind breaker, hat and gloves was plenty. While going south on the path, I actually felt hot. BUT when I turned around back into the headwinds, I was super happy to be layered up.
I hope we have more "warmish" days like this so we can run together again. The ankle/cankle/crankle is feeling good these days. I've done some progressive runs which have not aggravated it at all. I also take 2-3 days rest between runs and cycle during that time. I have no motivation to increase mileage too fast, or even train for anything specific at this point. I like the mix of cycling, running, core/hip/strength workouts I am completing each week.
Watching the NYC marathon got me jazzed about running for a hot second, but that quickly faded. When I am in Brasil, I am not doing any races- mainly because I won't do a race under trained for the "fun of it" but also because it's our honeymoon/vacation, and I feel it would be super selfish to drag L to another event. Plus, with no race in Brasil = I can eat all the things, drink all the caipirinhas and not worry about a damn thing.
CB dog was happy for this run. We even "pop corned" the Chicago Perfect 10 race, which was happening on the lakefront. CB spent the rest of the weekend sleeping, and being less wild.
Sunday I took the time to clean up the apartment, and finish packing my suitcase for Brasil. My goal for only taking a carry on suitcase was accomplished. The secret: Dresses. Yep, I'm taking 8 dresses for this trip. It will be Springtime after all and warm and sunny and rainy and the polar opposite of Chicago weather (see what I did there? lol) .I'll have one pair of shorts and jeans + some shirts, and some running stuff too.But dresses are where it's at for packing light.
AH time is flying so fast and before I know it, I'll be in SP and Rio seeing loads of friends and family and eating/drinking delicious things. I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED.


  1. Have fun in Brasil!! and great job only having a carry on!
    Glad to hear your ankle is behaving and you are able to run. The cold finally hit us here, until yesterday I was still running in tanks and shorts!

  2. sounds like a great weekend! We actually spectated Naperville marathon yesterday and it is hard work spectating. We kept missing friends because it is hard to pick people out!

  3. What a wonderful week you had! I feel, like CB looks right about now. Ran the Naper half yesterday, and didn't die.
    Have fun on your trip,and remember to post lots of pics so we can vacation vicariously through you!!! <3

  4. So that's the secret to packing light - dresses! I have to remember that for my next trip! :) Anyway, sounds like an awesome trip, I am sure you are pumped beyond belief. There will be plenty of time to run when you get back, so drink eat and be merry! Also, I love all the pics of CB!

  5. ^^^ I'd pay to see Pete's suitcase full of dresses. LMAO.

    Have the BEST TIME EVER in Brasil, and enjoy the warm weather :)