Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I ran a bunch more than usual, made beer, and got to hang with a good friend.

I ran 30 miles last week! (And cycled 4 on Tuesday) which is the most I've run in one week since January. (And before that was quite abysmal in the mileage department running wise) I really enjoyed doing 2 mid distance runs back to back (Saturday and Sunday) - I wasn't planning it but felt great especially since Sunday's workout was 2x 2.5 miles at 7:30 pace.

Cb was super cute like always. He misses his daddy right now who is on a business trip.

I took some photos of the Soldier Field 10 while out for my Saturday morning 8 miler. It was nice seeing some friends I hadn't seen in a while running the course. It was a fabulous day for a race!

If this summer repeats Saturday's weather, I'd be a super happy camper. Post run I met Vicky and her dad for brunch at Eleven diner.

Post brunch I brewed beer again. This will be a single hop IPA made with "Warrior" hops. I recently just bottled this beer's sister- the same recipe IPA but made with a different hop- "cluster." It will be interesting to compare these beers and taste the differences.

Post beer making I met up with Vicky and her dad again for beers at Villains!! It had just reopened on Friday and I was dying to go- and luckily they were thirsty for some beer. I can't wait to return with L when he gets back from Brasil. Fun fact: we ran into one of the owners at the Copenhagen Beer Celebration a few weeks ago. We are so happy they reopened!

On Monday CB took me for a walk in Grant Park. He insisted I take photos of him with these awful stinky flowers that caused me to start sneezing.

On a less happy note, I recently read this story in the Rio Times. A doctor was biking on the Lagoon in Rio and was robbed. He was stabbed and died of his injuries. The crime in Rio (and Brasil) is no joke. This story is just heartbreaking and gives me chills because we ran around the lagoon in Rio while we were there in November and I thought it was "safe" although L was quick to remind me no where in Brasil is truly safe.

Running around the Lagoa in November.

On a happier note, CB and I ran before work on Tuesday. I love seeing him so happy (and consequently tired)
I'm enjoying running more (in the heat!!!!) and can't wait for my half marathon and 5k over the next few months.



  1. That is terrible news about the doctor who got stabbed near the lagoon in Rio. It looks like such a peaceful place, but I guess one is never truly safe anywhere (especially in Rio). Congrats on breaking 30 miles last week. Sounds like you are getting back into the swing of things ! :)

    1. Thanks. :) it feels good to log some longer miles again. I definitely missed running outside too! The lagoon is so peaceful... We walked part of it one day and ran around the whole thing the morning we left- it was gorgeous. The story was just so sad to read and I almost wish I hadn't seen it.

  2. wow you never hear that Brazil is a violent area

    1. It's very bad crime wise. Probably doesn't make the news as much here because Mexico is closer. There's a lot of socio economic problems and a large disparity between rich and poor as well as gangs. Really unfortunate because it's such a beautiful place.

  3. That's so terrible about that doctor! I always (naively) think that pretty places like that must be safe, but know that's definitely not the case. I guess it's good that you had L with you while there, since that may not have been obvious.

    It's so nice of CB to take you on such nice walks! He always picks the best scenery (and photo ops) :)

  4. WOO HOO on breaking 30 miles last week! You are going to crush RnR Chicago!

    Yikes on that doctor. It always puts things in perspective to find out that a crime or other vicious act took place right where you had been before. Obviously I am very glad that you had L with you while you were there and that you didn't personally experience any incidents.

    Gorgeous pictures, as always!!!

  5. How terrible sad (and scary) about the doctor who got killed.
    Great job on your mileage, and good luck on your upcoming race!!!
    Cute pics of CB, as always....<3