Friday, May 8, 2015

Random Friday word vomit AKA where I fell asleep while making dinner {2}

My Daad was super awesome to come up to Chicago and keep CB company while we were away. It was especially awesome because CB avoided being boarded where he could have come into contact with the nasty dog flu that is going around. They had a lot of fun taking walks and sharing french fries.

It was also very nice to see my Daad for a few days. We must go to Tampa soon to visit him and his pup Bella.

Yay Spring! I love all the tulips blooming, but hate the pollen. Not sure if it was being up for 27 hours and 3 flights for 15+ hours in a plane on Monday or just a cold, but my sinuses have been so stuffy this week. I'm happy it happened after the beer festival so I could enjoy the full flavor of all the beers. BUT, feeling crappy has diminished my desire to run. So I've been cycling until I feel better. Oh well...

One of the things that blew my mind in Copenhagen was how seemingly safe it was. People didn't lock up their bikes when going to the bar or even over night at their apartment. I know my bike would be gone in 10 minutes flat if I left it unlocked/chained outside of my apartment. People also left their baby strollers complete with baby outside when stepping into a store. Which makes sense because strollers take up a huge amount of space. It's just interesting to see such stark cultural differences in different parts of the world.

CB went to his first bar last night- Kasey's tavern. While he looked super excited in the photo he was freaked the eff out from the surroundings. We will definitely be bringing him to patio seating at restaurants again this year now that the weather is nice.

I haven't run at all this week due to the sinus crap. I've cycled a bunch, but between that and the jet lag I'm just worn out.

I was making dinner last night and passed out on the couch while the food was cooking. When it finally finished cooking, L and I both agreed to call it a night and just go to bed and eat the food today instead. The whole jet lag thing is so weird. I would wake up at 3-4am wide awake and starving but feel great through the day. Around 7:30pm I would get hit with an insane wave of tiredness and would just fall asleep. Today I woke up at a more reasonable 6am so hopefully the jet lag is behind me now.

I'm looking forward to getting back on a more normal schedule for sleeping and eating and working out. I should also start looking for some 5k's to try in good conditions Read: no excessive drinking alcohol or eating the days before, and no long plane rides, and maybe a half if I start running more miles- which shouldn't be a problem now that the weather is more to my liking.



  1. It was nice that your dad watched CB, they both probably had a blast and as a bonus CB did not risk exposed to that nasty doggy flu. That 27 hour travel day sounds exhausting - I would probably need at least a couple of weeks to recover. It's probably best that you aren't jumping back into running right away. Anyway, I thought excessive drinking lead to your first place finish at Mikkeller? Maybe just no excessive eating and no long plane rides before your next race! Ha, ha. :)

  2. Aww, nice family shot! Glad CB had a fun time while you were away.

    My allergies have been all kinds of terrible this week. I swear I went through a full box of tissues every day (or it sure felt that way!). I hope things clear up soon!

  3. I hear allergians are really high. I am glad to see you guys are back. I am surprised people just leave their babies in the strollers outside...