Friday, May 22, 2015

Random Friday Word Vomit aka Popovers are awesome. {3}

Last week was super fun. I got to go to the Cubs game with my coworkers. I love work sponsored field trips. CB was totes jelly he couldn't go, but he still wanted to show his support.

I made popovers for the first time last weekend. They are kind of similar to Yorkshire pudding- and super easy to make. They were amazing fresh out of the oven with butter and jam.

Cb went on a few runs. I'm making up for not taking him out much when the weather was crappy cold.

Last Thursday, L and I went to the Chicago Craft Beer week event: Beer Under Glass at the Garfield Conservatory. While it rained a little we still had an amazing time talking to Brewers and sampling local beers in a beautiful location. I had wanted to go for a while but the timing never worked out. I was really happy we were able to go this year.

On Sunday I ran 8 miles. It was foggy and cool out, but very humid. I love running outside and not having to wear 10 layers.

We went to another CCBW event- Goose Island Sunday Funday! I had such a fun time last year that it was a no brainer to get tickets this year. But- I was mildly disappointed in the event. It just seemed too crowded. Watching the Brewers play dodgeball against each other was fun, but waiting in line for a very small taster of BCS variants was not. Regardless it was a good way to spend time with friends.

I signed up for 2 races! I'm no longer half assing my "training" and have a much more focused plan. I'm excited to run the Original 5k again- and finally run a 5k without flying first or drinking/eating all the things. I also signed up for the Rock n Roll Chicago half- because I love running in the heat. But seriously, I love the course which runs through the city and not the lakefront. And I haven't run a half marathon in 2+ years now. Crazy. PRs are gonna fall!

CB and I ran outside before work this week and it was so nice. Seeing him happy on our runs melts my heart.

This weekend I look forward to some longer runs and breaking 30 miles in a week... Finally!!!

I also will brew more beer- another IPA and make biscuits for the Cb dog. Can't wait for a nice chill weekend.


  1. Looks like a great week!!!! Good luck on your upcoming half!! The popovers look delish!

  2. CB looks like he is a total Cubs fan! :) I wish I could run the Original 5k, but unfortunately I don't think the timing is going to work out. Agree that the RnR Chicago has an awesome course, perhaps my favorite of any half marathon I've run. Looking forward to seeing your PRs fall! Oh yes - I agree with Michelle - the popovers look yummy! :)